Sold To Mr Rude

Sold To Mr Rude – Prologue

She is the woman in my heart

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Sold to Mr rude
(She is the woman in my heart )


Kira lives with her parents.
Her mother was the bread winner of the family..

While her father lives a dirty life.
All he does was gambling.
Any money he finds he spent it…on his self alone.

He drinks, gamble…
Do all lot of dirty things.
He finally sold his only daughter for money.

He sold her to a feared man.
A man who is rude, grumpy and feared by everyone.

He is so rich.
Richest young man in the whole new York.

Michael was feared by everyone…
And he loves that.
He was a guy who has no mutual feelings.
He does not know love.

Because he lost his parents by the age of 11.
And nobody shows him love.

All he does was to have fun .
f**k anything In skirt.

Suddenly there is a contract he needs…
He must not lose it.
But before he can have it.

He must have a wife.
Will he choose one of his girlfriend’s who was after his wealth.

But he finally bought Kira.
And he married her.

But will our Mr rude fall in love with her.

Stay turned for this romantic , interesting stories.

By your writer
Mo Ni so la💕

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