Sold To Mr Rude

Sold To Mr Rude – Episode 4

She is the woman in my heart

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Sold to Mr rude
(She is the woman in my heart )

Chapter 4
By monisola

I should sleep on the bed?? His bed! What if he touch me…

Or he was just joking?
“All this where going through my mind.”

I said you, you should sleep on the bed! Okay master.. “I said with a shaking voice”.

I hurried to the bed and sleep on it.
The bed was so soft, and it felt good under my body.

I was shivering on the bed..
“Don’t worry I won’t touch you”!! Huh? I wispher.
He is not gonna touch me?
I felt okay now..

I closed my eyes and allow darkness to took over me.
I heard his silent step, and I think he walked out of the room.

I opened my eyes.. huh.. it’s morning, “how I wish it is not yet morning”.
Humph..”I stretched my body. He is not in the room.

My legs was about to meet the floor.. “when he came inside”
I hurried, to stand up..

I bend my head and greet him.
All he says was.. ” go and have your bath, and be quick in it.

Today is your wedding ceremony.
And behave yourself! He walks closer to me.

“He touched my lips” gosh this guy is so handsome.
But he is a devil.

“You know that I didn’t touch you yesterday” but don’t worry I will touch you tonight… Our wedding night.

“He smirk”.. huh? Our wedding night?
What do you me…an.. mean…mas..t..e.r? “I stammer”

Do you want a slap, you don’t question me. Okay?
Yes master. I quickly answer.

Now, hurried to your room, have your bath and prepare for the wedding.

I ran out of the room with tears on my eyes.

Firstly, I was sold to him..
That means he owns me!
And now..I was getting married to a man I hardly know..

and he is gonna have sex with me tonight.
I f****ng hate that man, I called my dad.

How I wish..”mum was here”. After having my bath.
I creamed my body, wear my underwear.

I heard a knock.. “I quickly took a towel and wrapped it on my body.

Come in.
Hmm.. good morning.
It was a girl.. a lady.
Good morning.. and please why are you here? “I asked”.

I was order to make you look for the wedding.

Do you want a white dress or black dress for the wedding?
I will go with the white.

Hmm.. ma’am , you need to wear this .

She show me a red pant..
Man likes it.. wear know.
Oh okay.

After some minutes.
I was now wearing my wedding gown.

She already styled my hair.
After that.she put on a make up for me.
She hand me a mirror.
Wow is this me?


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