Sold To Mr Rude

Sold To Mr Rude – Episode 3

She is the woman in my heart

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Sold To Mr Rude
(She is the woman in my heart )

Chapter 3
By monisola

She was staring at me in a werid way..
My master wants you in his room right now! Now?
Yes.. and follow me .

I follow her.. I walk behind slowly, asumme time can be slow… I would have done that.

I prayed his room…will be far.
Finally we get there.
“Master she is here” she bows her head..
Huh?? He is not in sight.

Why is she doing that!
You better do that. “She wispher go me”.

Let her in…his voice was dim.
I entered with wobble legs.

“I was darm afraid” this cloth is too short.
I can’t find him in the room.
Looking for me??

That voice sounds dangerous .. wow I guess I had a good buy.
“You really worth the money” he said taking a bit of my hair in his hand.

You want a kiss?
I was afraid to look at his face. He smell good.

But his arua make him seems dangerous.

He kissed me..
He kissed me roughly.. not minding the fact that I may have a swollen lips.

He pulled out from the kiss and said this “strip”

What?? Do you want a slap.
Now, I look at his eyes..
They seems dangerous.

Can I really strip?
In front of him, this man.
A man my dad sold me too!
I f****ng hate my dad the more.

I took my hands to my cloth.
I zip, the zip…
The cloth came crashing on the floor.

I was left with my underwear..
I started crying.. I can’t do this!
He was just staring at me.

Loving what he is seeing.
Lord please save me..
Help me.

Then he said what I was praying for.
“Stop”!!! You can wear the cloth.

And sleep.. I was about to go out.
I mean sleep on the bed.


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