Sold To Mr Rude

Sold To Mr Rude – Episode 2

She is the woman in my heart

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Sold To Mr Rude

(She is the woman in my heart )

Chapter 2

By monisola

That bloody Michael??
Yes, am so sorry…
But I will work hard to pay the money..
Mum, I really need to be alone.

Okay; my mum said with a worried expression.
I head straight to my room.. I did not even bother to have my bath.

I collapse on the bed.. and cried, I suddenly felt afraid.
What if mum, will not be able to return the money at time.
I will have to go with him.
I f****ng hate that man.
The idiot who called himself my dad.
The way he treats me some times..make me doubt,if he is my dad.
I cried, till darkness came over me.

The next day.
I woke up.. feeling tired, tired because I don’t eat lunch with dinner..
I don’t even think I will be able to eat today.
Because I felt empty.

I drag myself to the bathroom…
After having my bath, I wear my cloth..
I packed my hair, to a bun.
I was about to open my door room.
When I heard noise…
“You are not taking her”!!!!
You are not taking any daughter… Mum yelled.

She is not going anywhere with you guy’s. She yelled crying.
I hurried out of my room.
Mum!! Kira go back
Who are you guy’s.

Our master order us, to take you to him.
And who is he? “I asked with afraid of what to hear”.
You already know him.. a tall guy answered: and he looks scaring.

You are his, he bought you.
Mum; I said crying..
Sugar pie…ahhh my daughter.
Time to go girl and if you do anything stupid, he are not going to like what we are gonna to do you.
So you better follow us in peace.

Or do you want your mum dead?? No!!!?
Then follow us, what about my clothes “I said in fright”

There is no need for that.
I followed them..
While mum..was looking at me helplessly.

She was crying, trying to stop them.
But she was slapped…
I cried the more.

I was walked into a waiting car.. and the car took off.
Finally I was brought to a house. I was to sad to admire the beauty of the house.
But by the look, everything about the house screamed wealth.

Five guards walk me inside the house… A maid came to me.
And told me, she was ordered to make me look good.
Huh?? What do she mean..”I thought”

She took me to a room… and told me to go into the bathroom to have my bath.

After that,she gave me a cloth to wear.. after wearing it..

I look like a slut,the cloth is too short and brought out my shape.

The girl came inside.. and she was looking at me in a “weird” way.


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