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Second Chance – Episode 23

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{ Switched…how’s that possible!!! }


Episode 23




By Chidimma Mirabel


** Next morning – 9:23am **


“Nooo!! That can’t be how can I loose to a newbie!!” Mindy yelled through the phone.


“I’m sorry ma’am, Mr Kurt just called and he says he annuls the agreement. He said he’ll sign with Angel’s design” Kaila James said through the phone.


Mindy hung and threw her phone on the couch.


She swept her hair to the back with her fingers as she boiled in rage.


“Nooo!!” She yelled out loud as she pushed all the things on the table of her room down.


Paulina rushed in upon hearing her screaming. She gasped as she saw the mess she did.


“What’s the meaning of all this” Paulina asked angrily.


“That stupid woman called Angela just stole my deal worth millions, millions mother, millions!!” She said angrily…


“That girl again, I’m starting to believe that she’s Kaila” Paula said.


Mindy sat down on her bed as she glared into emptiness…


“I must find a way to make her pay” Mindy thought.




In a dark and creepy room, Mike woke up and stared at where he was, the place was dimly lighted.


He made to stand up but he was tied up on the bed. His eyes widened as he realized that he was naked. He was chained up on the bed…


The room lit clearly and three women who were dressed in super s*xy lingerie walked in the last was Hazel dressed in the usual.


She sat down on a chair beside Mike with her cigarette in her hand smiling at Mike.


Mike glared at her hardly…


“Let me go, I already told you I know nothing about Flora” Mike yelled.


“Oh really let’s see if you won’t know again.” Hazel said with a mocking smile on her lips.


“Look up” Hazel said.


Mike looked up and was surprised to see a chopper above him…


“You are those woman behind me, they’ll dance and entertain you. If your d*ck rises then I’ll chop it off right in front of you by pressing this button…Your d*ck will determine if you’ll live or not” Hazel said like it was nothing.


Mike looked at her in shock…


“You’re a psycho!! Let me go!!” He yelled as he struggled


“Girls, you can go on” She said and the women walked and stood in front of him…


One of them began twerking and turning her hips in front of him while the other simple caress her own body biting her lip.


The other one caressed his body while smiling…


Mike closed his eyes as he tried to control himself…Right now he regrets the fact that women are his life.


His manhood began rising and he watched at Hazel in horror as her finger went to the button…


“I’ll talk!!” He screamed.


“Start talking”


“Flora is a good friend of mine. We grew up together and know each other very well. I used to render her a favor by buying women for them…She’ll always pay me double when I do it” Mike said…


“Her location?”


“Her new area is at the fish port, the house near it is the one” He replied.


“Good” Hazel said…


“Please could you let me go? I promise I’ll obey you forever” Mike said.


“Sorry pretty boy. You betrayed Flora to save your life, how sure I’m I that you won’t betray me?” Hazel said.


“Please, consider my offer, please…ahh!!!” He screamed in agony and they chopped off his manhood…


He kept screaming for some minutes before dieing…




(At the airport – 10 :00am )


A man descended down the stairs of the airport. He was dressed in a blue suit with some shades on. His black hair was disheveled by the wind. When one sees him there’s no doubting about who he is.


“Good morning Mr Perry” A woman greeted with her head down.


“Yeah are you the onee incharge of welcoming me?” Jordan asked.


“Yeah sir, please follow me” The woman said and walked in front of him. He walked behind her while staring at her butt who stayed from side to side.


“I must fvck her” He thought while biting his lips, imagining all sorts of naughty things…


They boarded the car and drove to William mansion.




“Have you contacted Mike? Why isn’t he answering” Mindy asked to Paulina who was on the phone.


“I don’t know” Paulina answered with the phone in her ears.


“Breaking news, a man of 50 was found in the ghetto, lying lifelessly by the roadside.”  The woman in the TV said.


Mindy gasped as she saw Mike’s body on the TV. He was wrapped in a black nylon, his face was so pale you’ll know he’s no more.


“No this can’t be” Paulina said in shock.


“Who…who…killed him?” Mindy stuttered.


Not long after the doorbell rang. A maid opened the door and brought a box to them.


“What’s this I ain’t expecting any delivery” Paulina said.


The box was handed to Mindy. She opened it and threw it on the floor while screaming.


“Aaahh!!” She screamed.


Paulina watched the terrified look on her face. She gathered up all the courage in her and then walked to the box. She bent down and picked it up then opened it..


“” Paulina exclaimed at what she saw.


In the box was a man’s p*nis. A letter was in the box too…


Paulina took the letter and unfolded the paper…


‘I just sent you a gift, hope you like it. That belongs to Mike make sure you cherish it…Don’t worry, be patient I’m coming for you two slowly but surely…I promise you you’ll have the same fate as that man whore. Sincerely, your greatest enemy’


Paulina folded the paper in anger and threw it away.. Someone now knows their secret but who could that be?


*Is it Evaristo who told on us?* She thought.


Meanwhile Evaristo was sitting on his wheelchair behind them. He laughed loudly like it was some joke…


“You see, karma is already catching up with you. I bless the person who killed Mike, he deserves to die” Evaristo said and wheeled his wheelchair away while laughing.




Angela was sitting in her office while typing on the computer. Tristan sent him a text telling her their deal is final. Now she has to organize a fashion show in order to display their product to prominent investors.


The door flew open but she didn’t look up. Only one person could enter her office without knocking.


Jackson walked and smiled as he saw Angela typing on her machine.


He locked the door behind him before walking to her.


He walked behind her and planted a kiss on neck.


“How’s my Angel doing?” Jackson asked.


“I’m fine, just busy” Angela said with his eyes glued on the TV.


Jackson frowned seeing that he wasn’t getting her attention. He turned the chair she was sitting such that it was facing him.


“What? I’m really busy right now” Angela said and crossed her arms.


Jackson bent down to her level and lifted the skirt that she was wearing then caressed her thigh.


“I left my company with all the work there. I came here because I miss you and you’re not even paying attention to me” Jackson whispered in her ears.


Angela stared at him, not knowing what to say. Each time he touches her, it’s as if a spell was casted upon her…


He leaned forward and kissed her lips hungrily, feeding on it.


He pulled her up and deepened the kiss. She wrapped her hands round his neck and kissed him back.


He lifted her up and placed her on the table. He began unbuttoning her shirt…


Angela broke the kiss…


“No jack, not here” Angela said.


She made to stand up but he pulled her back and kissed her more wildly.


His hands undid the rest of the button and then pressed her b**bs through the bra she was wearing.


She lifted up her head and he kissed her neck down ward. He finally placed a kiss on her cleavage. He kissed her back and then broke the kiss before buttoning her back. He put her back down and smiled before walking out of her office.


Angela sat on her chair and stared at the door he walked out…


*This guy is a god of romance or should I say, a s*x god* Angela thought.


She chuckled and faced back her work, feeling a little bit relieved…




Philip stepped out of the car immediately it parked in front of his son’s house. He walked in and the maids bowed down in greetings.


He walked and stopped when he saw two women discussing in the living room. He smiled as he scanned one of them. From her smooth legs to her sexy hips to her round butt and finally her small lips.


“Good morning”He said.


Mindy and Paulina turned to him and gave him strange looks…


“Who are you?” Paulina asked.


“I’m Philip Perry, William’s father” He replied with a smile.


“Really. Such a great honor meeting my husband dad, I’m Madeline Perry. Your son’s wife, you can call me Mindy” Mindy said.


Philip nodded as his eyes were on Mindy’s b**bs. He licked his lips at the sight of it.


“Are you listening to me?” Mindy said.


He looked back at her.


“Uhh I’m sorry what did you say?” He asked.


“I said you’re welcome here. The maids will show you to your room.”


“Okay thanks” Philip replied and a maid guide him to his room.


Immediately he entered his room..


“Get me that woman who took me from the airport, I don’t care how you’ll manage but I need to fvck her this night” He said and hung up with a smile.


“I don’t care if you’re my son’s wife. I’ll find a way to make you scream my name while I’m banging you really good” He said to himself.




( 6:43pm )


Angela was done with the work she had. The fashion show will be held next week and the preparation are going on.


She locked her door and walked to the exit. As she made to enter her car, the phone rang.


“Hello” She said through the phone.


“Mrs Angela, it’s me Hazel. Mike has been killed and I succeeded in squeezing the location out from him” Hazel said through the phone.


“Good, send the location to me I’ll know what to do when I get back home.


Angela hung up and put her phone back in her handbag. Her gaze traveled through her wrist and she saw her bracelet.


“I think it’s time to know which secrets father is hiding from me” Angela said.


She boarded her car and drove to William’s mansion…



© Chidimma M.

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