ROXANNA – Finale Episode 28

Her Quest For Revenge

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( Her quest for revenge )

Written by: Chidimma Mirabel



“Go on, go and rest you’re also hurting” Roxanna said.

“Alright” He said and stood up then walked to his bed. He laid down and continued staring at her.


“Wow, can’t believe all this is over” Jennifer exclaimed and fell on Kelvin’s bed. She was going to spend the night there.

Kelvin leaned on the wall and stared at her.

“What?” She asked as she noticed him staring.

He walked up to her and pushed her back on the bed then straddled her as he pinned her hands on the bed…

He leaned towards her ear and gently brushed his lips on it which made her shiver.

“I still haven’t punished you for keeping secrets from me especially dangerous secrets” Kelvin whispered in her ears.

“But…I said…sorry” Jenny said with her eyes closed.

He then kissed and sucked on her neck making her gasp.

“Still that changes nothing, what if something bad happened to you?” He said…

Jenny bit her lips, not knowing what to say again.

He looked up at her and then smiled before kissing her. She kissed him back too. She wanted to hold him back too but his grip was too strong.

He broke the kiss and then stared at her

“I love you, never doubt that” He said.

She smiled and closed her eyes. He finally released his grip on her hands. He slowly unbuttoned her shirt and removed it, with his eyes not leaving hers.

Then he went to the zipper of her skirt and also removed it leaving her with only her underwear on…

She blushed and looked away but he made her face him then kissed her forehead.

“No need to be shy” He said with a smile.

Jenifer nodded. Kelvin held her hand and placed it on his chest. She got the signal and slowly began unbuttoning his shirt till she came face to face with his manly chest and she can’t help but drool.

He chuckled as he caught her drool over him…

His hands went to her back and he unstrapped her bra making her gasp. She kept staring at his face as her mouth were partly opened.

Kelvin touched her lips and then leaned forward as he claimed them. Jennifer closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling he gave her…

His hands found it way to her b**bs as he slowly caressed them making her moan, something she would never imagine doing.

He held her waist and made her lay down on the bed then slowly removed her pantie.

He quickly removed his pants and came back on bed…To be continued😪

__________A week later

Roxanna stretched her hands as she walked into her house. Her new mom, dad were all there.

She hugged all of them and went up to her room then collapse on her bed.

“I missed this bed so much!! Can’t believe I spent a whole week in the hospital and all because of Nathaniel. That somehow cute of him” She said to no one in particular.

Nathaniel was discharged four days earlier.

She sat up on her bed and went to her wardrobe then removed her family album.

She began going through Camella pictures, her parents and also their cute cat Whiskers.

“I wonder where Whiskers is right now?” She thought.

She laid back on the bed while hugging the album.

“Mom, dad, stupid sis, I hope you’re proud of me wherever you are. I succeeded in avenging your death. All that won’t be possible without the help of my best friends” She said with a smile.

She kept back the album and went downstairs.

“Surprise!!!” The girls said as she reached downstairs.

“Wow you girls are here. I missed you so much” She said and stretched her arms.

They all did a group hug…

“Come on let’s go have some fun you’ll fist me everything that happened while I was away” She said as they walked out of the house…

They all had fun all day long.

Roxanna went to Nathaniel studio and saw him singing she made to sit down but he gestured for her to come closer

She came closer and he pulled her closer by the waist and kissed her.

The people who were there began clapping for them. They broke the kiss and he smirked naughtily…

“What was that for?” Roxanna asked…

“That’s just a welcome back kiss. The main deal is still coming” He said and winked.

“Good thing you’re here. You said your dream was to sing with me right? Well let’s make it come through. In two days time I’m holding a concert while don’t you sing with me on that day?” He asked.

“Really?” Roxanna asked.

“Yeah sure!!” He replied with a smile…

She jumped on him and he carried her as she hugged him tightly.

“Thank you thank you” She said.

He chuckled..

“That’s no big deal babe” He replied.

He placed her down.

“Can I have your autograph?” Roxanna asked.

He smirked and whispered in her ears…

“Of course you can have my autograph but for you I will autograph your body”

She pushed him away and chuckled.

“Such a naughty guy”

He laughed and picked a headset then helped her wear it.

She stood behind her own microphone and they began rehearsing.


“Come on Ronald, quick” Olivia whined.

They were shopping and Ronald I sitting down on the floor, resting. It’s been an hour and the quantity of dresses and shoes she shopped are just unbelievable…

“I want to rest for a while” He said breathing heavily…

“We haven’t shopped half of what I need” She said pulling him up.

He stood up with a pout on his face…

“My feet are hurting” He said.

“Just a little. Please?” She made her best puppy eyes.

He pulled her closer and claimed her lips kissing her till she was breathless.

“Now we can go” He said with a grin on his face and began walking away

“Will you stop stealing kisses from me? You even stole my first kiss.” Olivia said while following him.

“And you enjoyed it” He replied while walking…

Olivia scoffed and jumped on his back.

“Piggy back please?” She said and peck his cheek.

“Alright, but you’ll also carry me afterwards” He said and balance her well on his back…

“Are you crazy? Do you want to shift my bones?” She asked and he laughed…

Meanwhile their body guard where struggling to carry all the bags she shopped…


“Mason, Mason, Mason” Yvonne cheered as Mason was surfing.

They are at the beach. Yvonne took as much pictures as possible of him surfing…

He stopped surfing and walked towards her dripping wet.

He smiled as he reached where she was…

“Never knew you can surf?” Yvonne said checking out the pictures she took of him…

“Never knew you were this hot in a bikini” He said checking her out…

“Really? Thanks” She replied with a smile…

“Yeah, but I hate the look those guys are giving you” Mason said with a frown

Yvonne looked at the direction he was looking and she saw two guys winking at her. She frown and gave them the f**k sign…

Mason laughed at what she just did…

“I still remember when you were miss frowning face” Mason said and tugged her hair behind her ear.

Yvonne chuckled.

“Yeah. You changed me Mason, thank you” She said.

“No need to thank me, just kiss me” He said staring at her lips.

She chuckled and stood on her toes then kissed him…


“Yeah, yooo hooo” Jenny screamed as she was in a car.

Kelvin was in a race and she decided to join him.

“This is crazy!!” She said with a smile on her face…


Catherine was busy baking some cupcakes in Chris house when he suddenly lifted her up.

“Chris, put me down. Please?” She said and giggled.

“I’m hungry but not hungry for food” He said.

“What?” She said as he dropped her on the couch…

“I’m hungry for you” He said.

He leaned in and took in her lips, she immediately melted in his arms. He made her lay down on the couch as he gently pressed her b**bs. She moaned slightly in his mouth as her hands went to his hair.

They continued kissing when Catherine smelled something burning. Her eyes flew open and she pushed him away running to the kitchen.

“Oh my gosh, they are all burned” She said while coughing due to the smoke in the kitchen

She stood by the living room and glared at Chris who was laughing loudly…

“You’re gonna eat burned cupcake. Let’s see how you’ll laugh” She said and scoffed. He continued laughing…


Suzy and Rulian were walking down the street with their hands entwined together.

“One day this is how we’re gonna walk but not the two of us. We’ll be with out kids” He said and Suzy blushed.

She pecked his cheek and placed her head on his shoulder as they continued strolling down the street…


“Can I remove my blindfold?” Roxanna asked

“No, not yet” Nathaniel said as he guided her to a room.

He released her hand.

“You can remove” He said.

She remove it and gasped as she saw a very beautiful decorated room with rose petals everywhere and a red carpet with a love shaped bed.

She looked at Nathaniel and he offered her a red rose. She took it gladly and inhaled it’s scent and smiled…

“This place is beautiful. Thanks heartbeat” She said…

“Anything to make you smile love” He replied…

He raised his hands to her and she took it. Music began playing and they began dancing to the rhythm of the music…


After the music he slowly laid her down on the bed as they never broke their gaze…

“Please be gentle, I’ve never done this before” Roxanna said and looked away.

He held her chin and made her look at him.

“I know and I promise” He said and kissed her forehead.

He slowly unzipped her gown and removed it then her underwear leaving her completely naked.

He leaned forward and kissed her bare shoulder which made her moan slightly. He trailed kisses from her shoulder to her b**bs and then licked her hardened nipples which made her moan loudly. Her then sucked on it while his hand played with the other one.

Roxanna bit her lips as she grip the bed sheets and her toes curled. The pleasure was driving her crazy.

Nathaniel stopped what he was doing and the looked at her. He slowly kissed her. She wrapped her hands round his neck as she kissed him back.

He broke the kiss and Roxanna looked at him. She slowly began unbuttoning his shirt then removed it. She went for his belt and then unbuckled it with shaky hands…

Nathaniel removed it rendering him naked too. He tugged her hair behind her ear.

Roxanna stared at his chest and brought her hands to his chest she gently caressed it which made him groan in pleasure.

He kissed her back and her nipples made contact with his chest making him go crazy…

He spread her legs apart and came in between her. He slowly went into her.

Roxanna gripped the bed sheets tightly as she felt pain and pleasure at the same time, mostly pleasure.

He slowly began moving in and out of her as he groaned in pleasure. Her moans filled the room.

Fast forward

“Nate, please. I can’t take it any longer” Roxanna said as tears escaped her eyes.

Nathaniel pulled out and laid beside her. He covered them with the duvet and kissed her forehead.

“Thanks for giving me your pride” He said.

She nodded sleepily with a smile before sleeping off. He pulled her closer and drifted off to sleep too.

__________Next morning

Nathaniel opened his eyes and the first person he saw is Roxanna face, she was still sleeping soundly.

He touched her cute pointy nose and then her lips.

That seemed to wake her up as she opened her eyes sleepily and yawned.

She looked at him and smiled…

“Good morning Nate”

“Morning Roxy. How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Well…a little bit sore but I’m cool” She said.

“I’m sorry I hurt you” He said.

She hugged him.

“It’s okay. I love you”

“Same pinch here” He replied.

He stood up and scooped her up in his arms.

“Let’s get you cleaned up. Today we’re spending the whole of today at home” He said and walked into the bathroom…

_________Next day.

The whole hall was in an out roar. Today, the ‘ROSY girls’ and Nathaniel Davis were going to perform live on stage…

The hall was filled to the brink and everyone who couldn’t afford for the ticket were watching it live at their homes.

The girls were in a room as the makeup artist were doing their makeup. They were dressed prettily with each of them wearing a black shiny jacket with the logo of the ‘ROSY girls’ on it.

Roxanna was smiling happily, today her dream will finally come through.

“Hello girls, can we come in?” Jennifer said.

“Sure” Suzy replied as someone was fixing her hair.

Jennifer and Catherine walked in dressed prettily too…

“Wow, you look fantastic” Roxanna said to them.

“Not more than you girls” Jennifer said.

They began chatting when a knock was heard.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys but the concert will start in five minutes.” The stagist said.

The girls stood up after their makeup was done. They walked out of the room and went to the stage.

Roxanna spotted Nathaniel, he was also dressed too waiting for his turn.

She ran to him and pecked his cheek.

“Wish me luck” Roxanna said.

“Good luck” He said with a smile.

She blew kisses at him and then walked up to the stage with the girl.

The whole crowd screamed as the walked up the stage looking as gorgeous as ever.

🎤Hello, everyone. Roxanna said.

They screamed in return…

🎤 Are you guys ready to witness the show of the year?

They screamed more…

🎤 Let’s get the party started!!!

Musical instrument playing.

Baby come in, I know that you want me..
Baby come in, I’m waiting for you.
You’re gonna love it, I know that you want me
You’re gonna loose control.

Come on let’s dance to the beat of this flow.
Rock it and whine it to see that you’re weak
And after let’s do so many naughty things
You and me it’s gonna be bam

Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
You and me it’s gonna be bam
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
You and me its gonna be bam

Take it slowly
Move it slowly
Make sure that you want me

I might be nasty but I’m also a little cutie.
Once you get a taste I promise that you’ll always want me

Roxanna & Olivia
You will loose control!!

Come on let’s dance to the beat of this flow.
Rock it and whine it to see that you’re weak
And after let’s do so many naughty things
You and me it’s gonna be bam

Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
You and me it’s gonna be bam
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
You and me it’s gonna be bam

One of a cutie can’t replace once you get a taste
With my curves and looks you’ll start to drool well I’m here to make you relax
You can’t find someone like me
You’ll cower when I’ll start plowing through
Gat everybody lusting from the work of my hips
‘ROSY girls’ is our name for a reason.

You and me is gonna be bam

Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
You and me it’s gonna be bam
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
You and me it’s gonna be bam

Musical instrument…..

As they ended their music the whole hall wen wild. They waved at them and walked down the stage.

Roxanna quickly changed into another dressed.

Nathaniel walked on stage and the girls can’t help but drool. He flagged his cute smiled

🎤 How is everyone doing here

He said and they screamed…

🎤 Alright, I wanted to sing a new song to you guys but I changed my mind. Tonight I’ll be performing with my heart beat.

He looked at Roxanna and she climbed upstage and hugged him.

The lights went off and shone only on them…

In the past I was always one kind of lively and funny person, I had everything I need.

But I always felt like something deep inside me was missing, I never had a clue of it.

And on that fateful I met you,
And then I felt like you’re the reason why I felt like I was void,

(Nathaniel: Baby, you’re the only one that I need and I want)

From that day you lived in my mind
And they you traveled into my heart
To stay and never to leave!!!

No matter the weather!
I will stay forever!
You’re the sun that brightens my day
And you’re the food I live on!!

It’s so much beautiful!
That we get to share this moment!
I will cherish it forever
Just like I do for you!

Baby, come and get a taste of this lips.
Why do I feel like I can never enough of you?!

What we feel is called love!!!
Baby, I love you!!

Baby come, I know you want me just like I do!!
I can go to the ends of the earth just to make you smile…

With every breath, through life and through dead
I’m holding you by my side….

They are a lot of people who don’t want us together.
Give me your hand yeah.
Let’s dance to this song ohoh ohoh ohoh
No matter the obstacles I will stay by your side.
I ask for nothing, just give me your heart ohoh ohoh ohoh.

No matter the weather!
I will stay forever!
You’re the sun that brightens my day
And you’re the food I live on!!

It’s so much beautiful!
That we get to share this moment!
I will cherish it forever
Just like I do for you!

Chillin’ with my baby yeah la la la
Come on baby let’s go to the beach with my Ferrari.
Kissing, cuddle, snuggle, teasing
Oh God, we’re gonna have some much fun.
Yeah it’s me Roxy
One of a kind
You can’t replace.
Talking trash well F.U there.
I and my baby we’re one and indivisible
All the haters well we don’t care.

No matter the weather!
I will stay forever!
You’re the sun that brightens my day
And you’re the food I live on!!

It’s so much beautiful!
That we get to share this moment!
I will cherish it forever
Just like I do for you!

They hugged each other as the crowd cheered for them.

“I love you Roxanna” He said on the microphone

“I love you more Nate” She said.

He leaned forward and they kissed as the crowd cheered for them….


© Mirabel cares

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