ROXANNA – Episode 27

Her Quest For Revenge

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( Her quest for revenge )

Written by: Chidimma Mirabel



“Quick, get out the trampoline!!” Olivia yelled on her ear bud.

The troops quickly pulled out the trampoline and walked to where Roxanna was going to land.

Yvonne reached at the rooftop and didn’t see Roxanna. She saw a helicopter flying away and in it is Alec.

“You aren’t going anywhere” She said said and aimed her launcher at him.

“Say hello to the devil for me” Yvonne said and pulled the trigger. It hit the helicopter and it caught fire then exploded in mid air with different particles falling on the ground…

She quickly rushed to the railing and looked down…

Roxanna landed on the trampoline and the men carried her to the car. She was also rushed to the hospital.

Yvonne sat down on the floor as no gunshot where heard.

“Finally, it’s over” She said with a smile. Almost immediately the rain began falling. She let the rain drench her…

The car opened and one of the men carried Roxanna out of the car. The reporters who were still outside gasped as they saw Roxanna. She was barely recognizable…

She was rushed to the surgery room, same as Rulian…

Yvonne and the other went back home and changed before coming to the hospital…

Immediately Mason saw her, he sprang up from his seat and stared at her. She smiled and then quickly him.

“Thank goodness you’re alive” Mason said with a smile on his face…

Olivia stood at a corner with a smile on her face but her smile faded as she remembered Roxanna situation.

Jenny walked out of Nathaniel waved within smile on her face…

“The doctor said he’ll be fine. He’s gonna wake up soon” Jennifer announced.

Kelvin hugged her happily.

“Let’s just pray for Rulian and Roxanna” Olivia said.

She glanced at Ronald and he had a look of worry on his face. Olivia walked up to him and rubbed his shoulder, he looked up at her.

“It’s okay, he’ll be fine. I’m sure of that” Olivia said.

He nodded with a smile…

Catherine made to enter the hospital when suddenly someone pulled her to a corner. She made to fight but stopped as she saw who it was…

“Chris?” She said…

“I’m sorry for what I’m about to do but I can’t take it any longer”

With that said he crushed his lips on hers…


The doctor walked out of the hall and everybody stood up waiting for what they’ll say.

He sighed loudly and then smiled.

“Looks like those two were so willing to live. If there were brought here a minute later, we might have lost him. Luckily the bullet were extracted they are out of danger though Miss Roxanna will need a blood transfusion. Apart from that they’re fine” He said.

They all heaved a sigh of relief and sat back down…

“Can we see them” Suzy asked.

“You can once we transfer them to their ward” The doctor said and walked away.

Suzy smiled happily…

Roxanna was transferred to the same ward as Nathaniel as for Rulian, he was transferred to another ward.

_________Some hours later.

Nathaniel slowly opened his eyes and squinted them due to the light.

*What I’m I doing here* He thought.

He then remember what happened, how he was shot and also that Roxanna is agent R.

He slowly sat up on bed and scanned round the room, no one was there. He noticed that there was another patient in the room.

He looked carefully and his eyes widened as he saw it was Roxanna.

He disconnected all the tubes in him and slowly climbed down the bed holding his wounded stomach.

With slow steps he walked up to her bed. He sat down on a stool beside her bed and held her hand. Tears gathered in his eyes as he saw all the bruises on her face.

He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. He slowly parted her hair as he removed some strand of her hair covering her face.

🎶 Sing me symphony, one for the lost left in between🎶

🎶 A city of fallen dreams, the city of angels🎶

🎶 There was a girl with the sky full of stars in her eyes🎶

🎶 She was a chasing a world that was so fast and left behind🎶

The door opened and Jennifer walked in…

“Nate, you’re awake!! What are you doing? You’re supposed to rest” She said as she walked towards him.

“I’m fine, I rather be here than on that lonely bed” He replied.

“Tell me what happened” Nathaniel asked.

Jenny sighed and then told him everything that happened. How she was kidnapped and tortured and all the like.

Nathaniel was already in tears as he heard all that.

“I’m so sorry. If I didn’t go to confront you, you could have succeeded in escaping” He said to unconscious Roxanna.

He slowly leaned forward and kissed her forehead. Seeing all these bruises on her is like his heart was being stabbed countlessly.

Jennifer slowly walked out of the ward leaving them alone…


Rulian opened his eyes and looked at his right. He smiled as he saw Suzy, she had her head on the bed as she slept soundly.

“Such a cutie pie” He said.

He rocked her cheek and then touched her lips. That seemed to wake her up.

She sat up and rubbed her eyes then looked at Rulian.

“Thank goodness you’re safe” She said…

He smiled and slowly made some space on the bed for her.

“Come on, it’s night. Come and sleep” He said to her.

She smiled and climbed on the bed. He covered them properly with the sheets and kissed her forehead.

“Sleep my angel” Rulian said.

She snuggled with his chest but made sure not to press on his wound as she drifted off to sleep…

________Next morning

Olivia woke up and went to take a bath. After her bath, she wore a white shirt and a short skirt. She noticed a note on her bed

She looked round her room but saw no one, she then walked to the window, no one was there…

She picked up the note and opened the envelop

💌 Meet me at the central park. I’ll be waiting for you beside the fountain…

She looked on the bed and saw a pink rose on the bed. She picked it up and inhaled it’s scent with a smile on her lip. No one needs to tell her that it’s her mysterious lover.

She looked at her self in the mirror and decided to change but stopped.

*He saw me in my nightie with my hair disheveled like a man woman. What’s there to impress* She thought.

She picked up a handbag and walked put of the house.

“Mum, dad, I’ll be back in an hour time” She said to her mother before walking out of the house heading to the park.

A cab stopped her and she alighted its then walked up to the fountain and stood there waiting for him. Her eyes traveled round the people passing by but no one looks like him.

She sat down on a bench beside the fountain as she fundled with the rose with her eyes scanning through the crowd…

*Maybe he was just making a fool out of you* She thought.

She stood up angrily and turned to leave but stopped as she almost bumped into Ronald.

“I’m sorry I’m late” He said with a smile on his lips…

Her eyes almost popped out of it’s socket as he said it.

*He’s the one I’ve been waiting for* She thought staring at him.

“The truth is that I love you Olivia and I’ll wait for your…”

Olivia let the rose she was holding fall down then she filled in the space between them and held the front of his shirt. She pulled him closer and sealed his lips in for a deep kiss.

Ronald froze for some seconds before kissing her back as the passer by cheered for them…


Roxanna slowly opened her eyes and squinted them due to the light.

“Where I’m I?” She said in a whisper.

Memories of all what happened came flushing back and she looked at her body and then at her surrounding. She was alive!!!

*Looks like I escaped death the second time* She thought.

Her eyes widened as she saw Nathaniel beside her. His head was resting on the edge of the bed as he slept soundly.

Roxanna smiled. Seeing him here beside her brings so much joy in her but she can’t help to worry about his wound.

She slowly patted his hear smiling happily. Nathaniel felt someone patting his head so he opened his eyes and was surprised to see that she was awake.

He sat up properly and held her hand as he smiled at her. Roxanna tried to sit up but her whole body was still aching really bad.

“Careful” Nathaniel said as he helped her sit up.

They stared at each other for so long.

“I’m sorry” Roxanna said, looking down.


“I’m sorry I hid my identity from you. If I told you earlier, this wouldn’t have happened. It’s partly my fault that you were shot” Roxanna said as tears threatened to fall…

“Hey, don’t you dare cry” Nathaniel said with a smile…

She sniffed in her tears. He then cupped her cheek and made her look at him.

“It’s okay. The most important thing is that we’re still alive and together.” Nathaniel said.

Roxanna nodded and smiled.

“I missed that smile” He said and chuckled.

“I love you and no one and nothing can ever change that” Nathaniel said.

“Love you more” Roxanna said and held his arm.

Despite the pain he felt in his stomach, he leaned towards her and slowly kissed her. How he missed those lips that can make him go crazy…Those eyes in which he sees his future in…Those smile that always brighten up his day.

They broke the kiss and he kissed her forehead before staring deeply into her eyes.


© Mirabel cares

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