ROXANNA – Episode 19

Her Quest For Revenge

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( Her quest for revenge)

Written by: Chidimma Mirabel



Cordelia was sitting elegantly on a couch in her room watching TV while sipping on a glass of wine.

Suddenly a knock was heard on her door.

“Who’s it?” She asked.

“Miss, your ex is here” He said.

“Let him in” She replied and focused back on the TV.

Alec opened the door and walked in the room.

“You wanted to discuss something important with me?” He said with his hands in his pocket.

“Yeah, I need a tiny favor from you. I want you to eliminate a fly that’s disturbing my plans” She said and stood up then walked to him.

“A fly, if it’s a fly then I’m sure you can easily kill her.” He said.

“I can easily kill her but I can’t since I have been accused of attempted murder” She said.

Alec looked at her and scoffed.

“What’s the name of the fly?” He asked as he walked to the couch she was sitting and then sat down.

“Her name is Roxanna Martinez.” She said.

“Martinez? That name rings something in my head but I’m not able to pin point what it is” He said as he poured himself some wine.

“So would you help me?” She asked.

“If I do, what do I get in return?” He asked.

She smiled and unbuttoned her shirt then walked and sat down on his laps.

“You’ll have me” She said seductively.

He smiled and then wrapped his hands round her waisted and kissed her. He lifted her up and walked to the bed then laid her down as he began unzipping her skirt.


Roxanna parked here car in front of G empire. She walked in and entered the elevator which took her to the secret location.

As she walked out of the elevator, she walked up to Agent V office. She opened I and walked in and coincidentally the girls are there.

“Good thing you’re here agent R, we have a new mission for you girls” Agent V said.

She took her seat in front of the table.

“The police force needs our help in a new case. As you all know Cordelia Lehigh has been issued an arrest warrant and as well speak now, she’s no where to be found. Our main target isn’t her but Hector Jenkins the drug syndicate. We did some researches and we found out that Cordelia is Alec Jenkins ex and Alec is the son to Hector Jenkins. Of course Alec Jenkins record is clean, but still that doesn’t stop him from being in touch with his father. Now that Cordelia is on the wanted list, I’m sure she’ll turn to Alec for help and Alec will have no option to turn to Hector and that’s where we’ll catch him” Agent V said.

“But some of us don’t even know how Alec, Cordelia and Hector look like” Agent C (Catherine) said.

Agent V displayed their photos on the projector.

Yvonne immediately hit her hand on the table in anger as she saw Alec’s face.

“That bas***d!! How can you guys say his record was clean meanwhile he was the one who took advantage of me” Yvonne said glaring at his picture.

The others eyes widened in shock.

“Wow, that means he is also guilty” Agent S (Suzy) said.

“Alright guys we’ll think about that later, the main objective is to catch the big fish which is Hector Jenkins, once he’s down the rest will follow” Agent V said.

They discussed about some ideas before the meeting came to an end.


Nathaniel parked his car in front his mom’s house. He alighted the car and walked in.

A maid told him that his mother is having her siesta so he walked upstairs to meet Jennifer.

He opened the door to her room hoping to surprise her but she wasn’t there.

“Too bad” He said and made to close the door to the room but something caught his attention.

Jennifer’s laptop was on. Out of curiosity he walked in and sat down in front of her office

He scanned through her laptop and saw an icon. It was in a bold letter G.

He clicked on it and boom alot of letters that he could understand popped up on the screen.

He clicked on an option which he didn’t know the meaning of it and gasped at what he saw.

He could view many places on the screen like a camera was placed there and he could view it on the laptop.

*What’s she doing with cameras* He thought.

He saw an icon that read ‘inbox’. He clicked on it and ached a brow as he saw some strange names like “agent V” “agent C” “agent R”

*Agent R, this reminds me of something* He thought.

He removed his phone and searched for Agent R and there he saw her the mask girl who saved the lifes of a thousand of women.

*What is she doing with agent R* He thought

“Son, are you there?” His mother said from outside.

He exited the app and stood up then walked to the door. He opened it and saw his mother in front of the door.

“Son, what a surprise you came visit” She said.

“Yes mom” He said

Nathaniel glanced back at the laptop and closed the door walking downstairs with his mother as the discussed.


“Aaaahh, Alec. You’re so good in bed” Cordelia said as she rested her head on Alec chest.

“I know baby” He replied.

“Do you have any pictures of that Roxanna” He asked.

“No, but she’s having short brown hairs, beautiful and she’s about my height but younger” She said.


He stood up from the bed and dressed up.

“I’ll be leaving now” He said and opened the door, walking out…


Roxanna decided to take a walk when suddenly someone bumped into her.

She nearly fell but he held her waist and pulled her up. She mistakenly pecked his lips.

“I’m sorry miss, hope you’re okay?” He said.

Roxanna stared at him for some seconds before coming back to her senses.

“Yeah I’m okay. Thanks for helping me out” She replied and her released her…

“Nice meeting you. Can I know your name” The man asked

“My name is Celia” Roxanna lied.

“Okay beautiful name for a beautiful lady like you.” He said and walked away smiling seductively at her. She smiled back to.

As soon as he walked a little bit further away, Roxanna dropped the facade, her face became hard

She dialed a number.

“Hello agent V, I have some good news for you. I just came across one of the target, Alec Jenkins. I’m sure he must have went to meet with Cordelia. I’ll send you my location, I’m sure that Cordelia is around” Roxanna said and hung up

She scanned through the surrounding and walked away

Alec on the other hand kept walking while thinking about the lady he just met

“Celia, she’s hot!” He said as he walked away..


© Mirabel cares

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