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Married To Mr Popular – Season 2 Episode 20

Couple's Romance

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Married To Mr Popular
(Couple’s Romance)


Episode 20

By: Faith Lucky.

Bethel’s Pov:
“They’re yours” I heard him reply.

I looked at the cars and back at him, my mouth wide agaped.

Did I just hear him correctly?

“They…They’re mine?” I asked in disbelief.

“But Ryan…” I paused and gasped, running out of words.

How can he give me such expensive cars at once?

Oh my God!

I turned and jumped on him immediately, hugging him tight.

“Oh my God!!! I love you soooo much!!” I exclaimed happily, batting back my tears.

He chuckled and held me like a baby, making sure my legs weren’t touching the floor.

“Hey, its okay” he whispered into my ears.

I wrapped my hands around him and kissed him.
For the first time, I had the confidence to do something like that.

He returned the kiss, with my legs still dancing in the air.

It was just as if I was flying.

“Do you want to check them about?” He asked after we broke the kiss.

“Yes! Yes! Of course!” I replied happily, almost screaming.

He kept me down on the floor and I giggled and ran to the cars immediately, going into the white Porsche first.
Ryan’s Pov:
I stood at the balcony and made sure Bethel wasn’t around before picking the call.

I didn’t want her to panic.

Yes?” I said on the phone.

“Sir Ryan, we just discovered something else from the boys. They said Lady K wasn’t the only one involved in the act. Ava was with her as well”, the guard replied and I flinched.

Woah! Seriously?


“Are you sure about that?”,I asked.

“Yes, sir. According to Mawthie, she was in the car with Lady K when they were striking the deal” he replied and I scoffed.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. They’re all birds of the same feathers.

“Sir, what do we do with the boys? They’ve been here for two days now. One of them passed out early this morning”.

I itched my hair and thought for a while.

“Let them go.” I said.
“But before you do, make it clear to them I don’t ever wanna see them anywhere around that school. Let them know the day I see them 250 meters around Bethel, I’ll kill them.

“Cut off two fingers from each of them. That’ll serve as a remembrance to them so in their next life, they’ll stay away from anyone called Bethel”.

“Yes sir” he replied and I dropped the call.
Lady K’s Pov:
A tear streamed down my cheek as I spoke on the phone with my manager.

Ava and Lia sat in front of me, staring pathetically.

“Spill it out, Karen. What the hell happened between you and Ryan?” He half yelled on the phone.

I sniffed and wiped the tear that rolled on my cheek.

“It’s nothing” I replied vacuously.

“What do you mean nothing? Why then did he keep cut off ties with you? He spoke with the board about it and he’s withdrawn every investment and canceled all the contracts he had with you. It’s a big blow, Karen and you know it. Its definitely going to affect your net worth. You know how important Ryan is to us” he grouse.

I felt more agony but tried to hold Back my tears.

“Listen to me, Karen. I don’t know what happened, but you need to fix it. You need to amend things between you and Ryan. Get him Back on your side if you don’t wanna go down in the industry” he querried more.

“I’ll try” I replied feebly and ended the call.

I threw the phone on the floor immediately, crashing into pieces.
Then, I busted into tears.

“Karen” Lia called as she stood up and came to me, placing her hand on my shoulder.

“Ryan hates me now”I whimpered.
“He’s canceled all the partnerships he had with me.”

“This is all Bethel’s fault” Ava snapped.
“If she didn’t come in to spoil the show, everything would still be fun by now” .

“I’m ruined” I winced.

“Come on Karen. Its okay. It’s possible he might forgive you”.

A text came into Ava’s phone immediately and she screamed the moment she went through it.

“Whaaaat?” She shrieked and sprang on her feet.

“What is it?” Lia asked, startled.

I was also curious and looked at her.

“I’ve just been signed out from Blitz entertainment” she said with an alarming look.

What? That was the band she worked for.
Shirley’s Pov:
I walked tho and fro, restlessly in the sitting room.

“Shirley you need to calm down.” Mum said from behind.

“Come on, mum. How can you tell me to calm down? Ryan isn’t picking my calls anymore. He’s snubbing me”, I replied angrily.

“Well, he told you he was with his wife, right? Maybe you should just give him some space” she said.

“I don’t give a f**k if he’s with that b***h or not. I need to tell him Dwayne is sick”.

I tried calling him again, but it was still switched off.

I groaned and hit the table.

“Ryan is meant to be mine. Everything was working out fine for me before that lady showed up and forced him into getting married to her.”

“And that’s the point, Shirley. They’re married now. What do you want to do?” Mum asked.

Will this woman stop discouraging me?

“I don’t care, mom. I’m going to make sure they split up. I’ll stop at nothing till they get divorced.

“As long as our little secret exists, Ryan is meant to be mine”.

I went to the couch and took my bag from it.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“Since he’s avoiding my calls, I’m going to his house” I replied and walked out the door.

“Shirley!” I heard her call from behind, but I ignored her and left.


Brought to you by Faith Lucky.
Love you all

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  1. Oh Ryan is a Darling 😘
    Hummm what is with D Shirley again Ryan should not end like his father again o🤦

  2. I knew that Shirley and Ryan had a secret but I never expected it to be dat Shirley has a child dat belongs to Ryan…
    Bethel is in for a shocker…😩😏

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