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Married To Mr Popular – Season 2 Episode 19

Couple's Romance

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Married To Mr Popular
(Couple’s Romance)


Episode 19

By: Faith Lucky.

Ryàñ’s Pov:
I came out of the bathroom and found her still sleeping on the bed.

Geez! Why’s she sleeping this much? Just one night?

I chuckled and opened my wardrobe, bringing out the fashionable jewelry box.

I opened it and brought out the sparkling gold waist chain.

I closed the wardrobe and went to Bethel on the bed.
Her eyes were still tightly shut.

I brought down the duvet from her body so I could have access to her waist. And carefully, I locked the gold chain around her waist.

It was pure gold and worth billions of dollars.

I covered her up with the duvet again and laid beside her, rubbing her hair gently.

I can’t believe I’m in love again.

After my experience with Naomi, I promised myself not to fall in love again. But, inevitably, she got me.

I just hope I don’t hurt her. I’m a jealous freak.

I looked into her face and smiled, remembering how she screamed and cried the previous night.

Her moans still resounded in my head.

I hope she wouldn’t push me again when she wakes up.


Immediately, one of my phones started ringing and I checked and discovered it was a strange number. I quickly left the bed so I wouldn’t have to wake her up with the call.

I moved close to the door before picking the call. I just hope its not McCarthy.

“Hello?” I said lowly on the phone.

“Hello? Ryan?” The caller Called.
It was a female’s voice.

“Yeah – who’s this?” I asked, touching my forehead.

“Ryan, it’s me; its Shirley”.

What the f**k????

I flinched and looked Back at Bethel on the bed.
She was asleep.

Then, I opened the door and walked out.

“Shirley? What the f**k? Why are you calling me?” I growled on the phone.

“Ryan please, you have to listen to me. Its important” she carped.

“I can’t make this call, Shirley. I’m with my wife. I’ve told you to stop calling me!”

“Come on, it’s important. Its about Dwayne…”

I hung up on her immediately.

Geez! How the hell did she get my contact? I had destroyed the first sim she was using to contact me. How did she get this?

I shook my head and took in a deep breath. I don’t know why this b***h won’t stay away from me.

I’ve paid her off already. What exactly is her problem?

She started calling again and I switched off the phone. I just hope this lady doesn’t make me do something Crazy to her.

I exhaled deeply and opened the door, returning to the room.

Bethel was awake already. She was still turning on the bed.

I smiled as I went closer to her. Her eyes still looked bleary like someone who had cried the previous night.

“Ryan” she called fraily and stretched out her hand to me.

“Hey” I said tenderly as I sat beside her on the bed and held her hand.

“Come close” she said and I drew closer to her and she rested her head on my legs.
She was still acting like a baby.

“How’re you feeling?” I asked as I stared into her drooping eyes.

“No difference…so much pains” she replied like she wanted to cry.

Oh, geez!

“I’m sorry. The pains will go away” I said tenderly as I brushed my palm on her hair.

She didn’t say any other thing and just closed her eyes.

“I’ve gotten your bath water ready for you. Do you want to take a bath now so we can eat afterwards?” I asked and she just nodded in agreement.

“Alright. Come on then” I told her and carried her up like the baby she was – my baby.

I carried her into the bathroom and laid her in the bath tub which was already filled with warm soapy water.

“Is it too warm? Or not enough?” I asked her.

“No, no. It’s okay” she replied in a thin voice.

“I’ll just set breakfast” I pecked her on the hair and left.

Bethel’s Pov;
All I felt were pains.

As I laid in the tub, I enjoyed the warm water, most especially as it touched my pelvic area.

Gosh! It hurt like hell and I wonder why Ryan had to be so hard on me. Or wasn’t he?

Well, I heard first times are very painful and that’s the reason I was scared of doing it in the first place.

But Ryan…
He was so big and strong.

I remembered how I felt my p*ssy tearing when he was penetrating me. I’ll never forget that experience. I felt the whole world crumbling to pieces at that moment.

Geez! I’ll never forget.

I felt something cold around my waist. I’ve been feeling for a long time since I woke up.

I checked my waist and discovered a long gold chain around it.

What? It was pure gold and it glittered.

How did I get hold of this? Could it be Ryan?

I smiled and admired it. It was so beautiful. Just by mere looking, you’ll know its expensive. I can’t believe I was carrying billions of dollars around my waist.

I chuckled and came out of the water after washing myself properly.

Oh my God! I couldn’t walk.

Oh please. Don’t tell me.

I looked down at my legs and wondered why they hurt so bad. It felt like my bones were broken.

I really couldn’t walk.

I managed to totter to where a towel was and tied It around my chest.

My legs were hurting really bad.
What did this guy do to me?

“Ryan?” I called, hoping he could come over and help me.

“Ryan?” I called again, but there was no response.

Oh God!

Then, I managed to walk out myself.

I walked slowly and carefully into the room and noticed he wasn’t in.

Wow! The room was….looking different now.
The bed sheets had been changed and neatly dressed and everywhere had a nice fragrance now.

Hm. Did Ryan do all these?

Or maybe it was one of the maids.

I dragged my legs to the table where my phone was and took it before going to sit on the bed.

I turned on my phone and saw six missed calls.
Holy Molly!

Five from Nicole. And one from mum.

Oh! Nicole.

The phone had been on silence and that was probably the reason didn’t hear it ring.

I quickly dialed Nicole’s line. She should probably be in school by now.

She picked up at the third beep.


“Bethel! Good lord. Where the hell did you dump your phone? You got me worried sick” she said immediately, not giving me space to breathe.

I sighed and moved my hair backwards.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t with the phone” I said warmly.

“Anyway, so how’re you? How’re you feeling now? Why didn’t you show up in school?” She asked.

“I…I couldn’t make it. But I will tomorrow. Definitely”. I replied.

“Well, you better be sure of that because we’ll be leaving for camp in three days time” she said and I wore a crumpled look.

“Is the camp still working out?” I asked, surprised.

“Of course! They’ve been talking about it the entire time”.

“Oh! So, where’s the venue?”

“Well, they said its going to be announced tomorrow. But, guess what? I heard from someone that celebrities might be invited this time around!” She squeaked.

“Huh? What would celebrities be doing in a students three days camp?” I puzzled.

“Come on, Bethel. It’s not just any camp. It’s a…” She paused and sighed.

“Whatever. I’m sure you know how important it is. You’re just trying to pull my legs” she said and I laughed.

“Um…Nicole” I called after a brief pause.

“Yes, bae”.

I dallied for a while, suddenly feeling shy.

“Bethel?” She Called when she didn’t hear from me.
“What is it?”

“I um…” I paused and cleared my throat, drawing invisible lines on the floor with my toes.

“Ryan and I…we had our first night yesterday” I finally said and for a moment she was mute, probably confused

“First night?” She asked and I nodded like she could see me.

Suddenly, she gasped.

“Oh, my God! Oh my God!

“Hold on Bethel; you mean you…”
She paused and screamed.

I laughed and cut the call immediately.


I covered my face in my palm and blushed into it.

She started calling but I muted the call – not wanting to talk about it. I knew she was gonna ask me naughty questions.

Almost immediately, the door opened and Ryan came in with a maid behind.

Oh! She was holding a big tray of breakfast.

“Good morning, ma’am” she greeted in obeisance when she got to where I was.

“Hi” I smiled and focused my eyes on her as she dropped the tray on the small glass table in front of me.

To be sincere, I was just scared to look at Ryan.

She bowed and left and I guess the inevitable happened. I was alone with Ryan.

“Hey. How’re you feeling now?” He asked as he sat beside me and I just nodded.

He drew the table close and opened the covered plates.
Wow! It was sausage and egg sandwich.

Hmm. I can’t remember the last time I had this.

There were two plates and I tried taking the second plate, but he stopped me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just feed you” he said and I gulped down nervously and allowed him.

I don’t know, I suddenly felt shy around him. Maybe it was due to the fact he made me cry last night.

He took the sandwich and brought it close my to lips and I opened up and took a bite.

Oh my God! It was so delicious.


“Did your cook make this?” I asked and he chuckled.

“She isn’t here yet. I had to order for these” he replied and fed me with the sausage.

“You’re not eating”, I said when I noticed he hadn’t taken a bite yet.

“Don’t worry. I’ll eat” he replied and fed me again.

A little part of it fell on my lips and he wiped it off immediately.

“What’s your favorite color?” He suddenly asked.

“Um…pink?” I replied like I wasn’t so sure.

He nodded and stuck my mouth with more sandwich.

Immediately, I opened the second plate and took up the other sandwich.

I carried it close to his mouth.

“Hey, what’re you doing?” He asked and I pushed the sandwich into the tip of his mouth.

“I’ll stop eating if you don’t eat.” I told him as I continued forcing it into his mouth and he laughed and took a bite.

“Happy now?” He asked and I rolled my eyes and took a bite from him.

His phone started ringing and I noticed he groaned when he checked the Caller.

“Urgh! Its my manager” he muttered before picking the call.

I ate from the sandwich in my hand as he spoke tiredly on the phone.
Please don’t tell me he’s leaving.

“I’m having an appointment today. There’s a commercial advert I’m suppose to handle” he said and my eyes drooped.

“But, don’t worry. I’m not leaving” he said and I quickly lifted my eyes to look at him.

“Huh? Why? I…I thought its important?” I asked.

“Yeah – but staying with you is more important” he said and my cheeks flushed immediately.

Oh, goodness.

I smiled and looked down at the tray.

“Besides, I wouldn’t want you to start crying again. You know you cry a lot” he added and I laughed and flicked him.

We continued eating and soon we were done. He cleared the place, taking the tray away and I laid on the bed immediately.

Oh, God! My legs…my waist…everything still hurt.

When will the pains ever seize?

Ryan came in not long after and joined me on the bed, snuggling himself beside me.

“Feeling dizzy?” He asked and I just hummed a reply.

He wrapped his hands around me and held me tight to himself.

“Do you need anything?” He asked and I shook my head.

“Um…Ryan, that reminds me;” I suddenly recalled.
“I saw a gold chain on my waist. Did you…”

“Yeah…just a little gift” he interpolated.

“Ryan, that isn’t little. Do you know…”

“Sshh”, he cut me off.

“That’s nothing compared to what I’ll do for you” he said and my eyes beamed.

Precious Lord. I wonder what he’s up to.

I smiled and adjusted my head to rest properly on his chest.

“Does it still hurt?” He asked.

“Like hell” I replied immediately and he Cracked.

“Don’t worry. It’s just first times. That’s what it feels like” he said and I became bashful again.

“You know, Bethel” he said more calmly.
“At first, when this whole marriage stuff started, I had been really pissed off. I was so angry with everyone and even you and saw everything as a mistake.

“But now, I’m certain it was destined and there couldn’t be anyone more perfect for me.

“I love you, Bethel”.

I felt my heart skip. My endocrine system vibrated.

Oh, mercies! That was the first time Ryan was saying that to me.

That was the first time he was confessing his love to me.

Oh my God! I almost felt like crying.

“I…I love you too, Ryan. Thank you so much” I fumbled, not knowing how to express my feelings.

He lifted my face a little and kissed me and I reciprocated.
I dozed off and woke up hours later, feeling a little better and relieved.

Ryan wasn’t in the room and I left the bed and decided to check on him later. Besides, I haven’t left the room all day.

My legs were still hurting a bit but I tried to endure.

On my way to the stairs, I met Ryan.

“Bethel”, he called, looking surprised.

“What are you doing? You shouldn’t be stressing yourself”.

“Don’t worry..I’m fine” I told him.

“Anyway, I was on my way to check up on you..come on, I have a surprise for you. But, I’m not letting you walk all the way downstairs” he said and carried me up in his arms immediately.

Oh, God!
Goose bumps!

“Where are you taking me?” I asked but he didn’t reply.
I wonder what he’s up to. What’s the surprise.

He took me out of the house and kept me in front of two flashy cars. Brand new – they weren’t having plate numbers yet.

One was a black jeep. And the other was a white Porsche.

Geez! They were crazily amazing.

But why did he bring me here?

“Who own them, Ryan?” I looked at him and asked, wondering if he just wants to flaunt his new cars in front of me.

He smiled and shrugged.

“They’re yours”. I heard him reply.



Brought to you by Faith Lucky.
Love you all

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