Married To Mr Popular Season 2

Married To Mr Popular – Season 2 Episode 18

Couple's Romance

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Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s Romance)

Rated: 18+


Episode 18

By: Faith Lucky.

Bethel’s Pov:
He carried me into the room and laid me carefully on the bed, resting my head on a pillow.

I was putting on a singlet and the shape of my pointed bre*sts could clearly be seen as I laid upwards.

He took off the rings on his fingers and kept them on the table before coming to join me on the bed.

He came in between my legs and since I was putting on a short, nothing was revealed yet.

“Are you okay?” He asked softly as he stared into my eyes.

“Yeah” I said under my breath.

I was scared he might be able to hear the racing sound of my heart beat.

He placed his hands on both sides of my head and kissed me – gently.

I couldn’t reciprocate the kiss because I wasn’t a good kisser. So I just relaxed and enjoyed him do it.

Shivers ran down my spine as I felt his tongue on mine.

Oh! The feeling – it was nothing like I’ve ever experienced.

We unlocked from the kiss with my breathing becoming rapid.

He reached for my b*obs and pressed it softly, making me exhale deeply.

Then, he sent his hand under my singlet and touched them directly.

He gave my right bre*st a little squeeze and placed an hickey on my neck.

Then, he reached for the tip of my singlet and started pulling it upwards.

Oh, God! He’s going to take it off!

My breath became harder as I watched him pull the singlet up to my chest level, now making my bre*sts exposed.

He kept looking into my eyes as he finally took it off above my head – now making me completely shirtless.

He smiled and bent his head to my chest and I felt him take one of my nipples into his mouth.

Oh, my God!

“Hah!” I gasped lightly as I felt his tongue rolling on it.

He added a little pressure and made it so perfect – like a suckling baby feeding from his mother.

He lifted his other hand to the other bre*st and fondled with it while he sucked from the other.

I didn’t even realize when I wrapped my hands around him, sending my fingers into his hair.

“Oh, Ryan!” I moaned with my eyes closed as the tingling sensation drove me wild.

The whole thing was new – and inexpressible.

He reached for the second bre*st and did justice to it, sucking it harder than the first.

Oh my God! It sent shivers down my spine.

He did it so perfectly – I didn’t want him to stop.

Unfortunately, he stopped and took his lips to mine.

He smooched them for a long time, almost making me unable to breathe.

I groaned into his lips, my hands still wrapped around him.

I didn’t even realize when he reached for my short and started pulling it down.

It was when it had gotten to my thighs that I realized and I forcefully unlocked from the kiss, my eyes beaming like light bulbs.

That didn’t stop him and slowly, he pulled the short off my legs.

Oh, my!

He sent his hand from my leg up to hips and his soft touch on my bare skin made me shiver.

He was gradually making me n*ked.

He nuzzled me as he reached for the tip of my p*nt. I could feel his hard d*ck against my thighs.

He reached for my lips and kissed me in a way I couldn’t resist and carefully, he pulled down my p*nt from my waist.

It got to my knee level and he had to break the kiss so he could completely take it off.

I couldn’t stop him – I didn’t – even if I felt so scared.

He took it off completely and my the rate of my heart beat increased as it became clear to me that I was lying shark n*ked in front of him.

Oh, Bethel! Come on.

He opened my legs wide and returned to his position – in between.

Then he kissed me again.

As he laid on me, I could feel him touching my bare v area.

He took off his shirt, exposing his tattoo chest.

I’d almost forgotten he had so many tattoos.

His tiny nipples pointed and I felt like biting them.

Then, I felt his hand touch my v and that was when my fears increased.

Gosh! I was so scared.

He kept his eyes locked into mine as he rubbed my p*ssy.

Without a warning, he pushed in a finger.

“Hah! Ryan…

“Oh my God!” I screamed lightly as the pains niggled at me.

He slipped the finger out and rubbed my clit.

“You’re damn so tight” he whispered into my ears and kissed me.

He kissed me hard as he inserted the finger again and I tried groaning but couldn’t as a result of the kiss.

So, I just moaned into her lips.

He moved the finger in and out of my v, making me feel crazy pains.

Suddenly, he made it two fingers and I forcefully unlocked from the kiss, unable to contend with the pains anymore.

“No…Ryan” I shrieked.

“Oh my God! Oh…it hurts”.

I closed my eyes and bemoaned but he didn’t stop.

Instead, he took one of my nipples into his mouth and suckled it as he fingered me.

I felt hot pains on my v. If he hasn’t even penetrated yet, then why are the pains this much?

I kept moaning in discomfort and hoped he stopped soon.

Luckily, he stopped and I felt like crying.

“I’m sorry” he said tenderly and kissed me.

Then, he left me and took off his trousers.

Oh, God!
No, no.

I covered my eyes and couldn’t watch.

I heard him chuckle as he took it off and came to lie on me again.

His bare d*ck was touching my thighs. Oh, my God!

He fondled with my breast for a while, then planted kisses all over my neck and traced them down to my tummy.

He brought his lips close to my public area – making me feel like he wanted to…

I flinched and held his face, pulling him up.

He chuckled lightly and pecked my cheek.

Then, I felt him rub my clit and the next thing I felt on it again was his d*ck.

Oh my God!

Oh Bethel!

I clutched him tight as I feared the moment.

He placed his forehead on mine, making me feel his mild breath on my face.

He teased his c*ck on my honey pot, making me more scared of penetration and at the same time, making me wonder what it’d taste like.

He could obviously read the fear in my eyes.

He played with my emotions for a while, teasing me with the d*ck around my v area.

Then suddenly, he stopped and looked into my face, his forehead still touching mine.

I was so scared to the teeth – my breath wavered.

He kept staring at me and didn’t say a word and it made me wonder what he had in mind.

“This is gonna hurt” he finally spoke calmly and inserted his d*ck into me.

“No! Ryan, wait!” I screamed immediately and tried pushing him away, but couldn’t.

Oh, God!

I felt my p*ssy tearing as he forced himself into me, trying to adjust his big size into my tight area.

For the first time, I felt pains that was mightier than menstrual cramps.

“No! Ryan!

“Oh, my God! Oh my God! Hah!

“No…please, just wait”.

He placed his hands on the bed for support as he pushed himself deeper into me.

“Argh!” I shut my eyes and yelped.

The pain was something else. The sensation was different.

I felt my v area being damaged as he thrusted into me.

He moved back and came in again and I held him tight.

“Oh, my Godddd. Please Ryan, just stop!” I cried.

Immediately, I felt the sharp pain

The cut.

“Arghhhh” I screamed like an insane woman and pierced my nails into his skin.

That was the height of it.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I felt tears building up in my eyes eyes didn’t know they were already streaming down my cheeks.

I cried like a baby.

He stopped moving and held onto my hair.

His d*ck was still stuck into me as I felt the blood rush out.

He sent his fingers into my hair and leaned over my shoulders, while I wrapped my hands around his.

Then, he resumed thrusting into me – slowly and gently.
But all I felt was pains – unbearable pains.

“Ah….Oh, goodness!

“Oh…my God!

“Oh, God! I swear, it hurts!

“Oh, please…


I cried with my eyes closed and tears streaming down.

He held onto my hair and moaned softly into my ears.

He didn’t stop and neither the pains.

I suddenly wish there was a way I could cut off my waist. Why does it have to be this hurtful?

His big c*ck was now fully into me and he increased his pace a little.

I felt him go deeper and harder into me and all I could do was cry helplessly.

I just wanted him to stop,
But I couldn’t push him away.

The pains were making me go crazy.

“Ryan, please…

“It hurts…

“Oh, heavens!”

Finally, I felt him release inside me just before he pulled out. As a result, a little of it still poured on my thigh.

Oh my God!

I gasped in a deep breath as I now felt a difference there. But, the pains were still much – making me whimper.

I turned over immediately, lying to back him. Tears were still streaming down my eyes.

I felt him cover me up with the duvet. He tried to touch my arm, but I shrugged him off.

I felt hot – felt pained. I just didn’t want him to touch me.

My legs felt damaged that I could hardly close them.

How could he do this to me?
It hurt so bad.

My lids were flickering and heavy. I felt so weak.

He planted a kiss on my cheek without touching me.

“I’m sorry” he whispered into my ears as I finally closed my eyes to sleep.
Ryãñ’s Pov:
She turned away immediately I pulled out.

I felt so much pity for her. Her tears melted my heart. I felt sorry I had to cause her such pains.

I covered her up with the duvet and tried holding her hand, but surprisingly, she pushed my hand away.

What? Please, don’t tell me she hates me now.

I chuckled and pecked her.

“I’m sorry” I whispered to her, but of course, she didn’t respond.

I smiled and watched her drifted away to sleep.

I’m so sorry, Bethel.
Don’t worry, I promise to make your second time more fun and pleasurable.

I can’t believe she was still a v*rgin.
I mean, when she told me about it, I kind of had my doubts.
I can’t believe someone this cute and heavy could still be a v*rgin.

So, she kept herself all these years? For nineteen years?


I smiled and kissed her again.

Don’t worry, Bethel. I promise to be there for you – always.

Despite the fact you grew up in a rich family, I’ll make you richer and show you the love and care your mother never showed you.

I’ll make you the envy of all ladies; make celebrities wish to be like you.

I’ll spoil you with everything I have until money no longer has value in your eyes.

I know there might be challenges,

But as long as you’re willing to stand by me, I promise to fight for us till my last breath.

You’ve just become a part of me.


Brought to you by Faith Lucky.
Love you all

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