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The whole thing went on, but we were able to slip out of the cops’ hands. Only that our basket was full and could contain our awful crimes no more.
“You’re going to be fine. Everything’s going to be fine. Okay?” the sound of my voice slowed me down as it pierced my mind, suffocating me.
I was slowly coming to a stop, already giving up and unwilling to run.
I knew it wasn’t much time before the police came taking me with them. And the thought of being cuffed and sent to jail, got me running again.
“Hands above your head! Hands above your head!” Sound of sirens filled the air at the cops’ call as I was soon surrounded. I wanted to continue, but had no place to go, knowing my end has come. “Hands… above… your… head!”
I did as they commanded, paying no attention to the people that were watching from a distance. I got roughly pushed down with my hands brought backwards, and with my face turned sideways, got handcuffed without wasting time.
If anyone told me that this would be my last in NYC, I would have laughed it off and said, “F**K YOU!” But hey! Here I was, being bundled into the back of the van, to be taken to the place I dreaded most. “I’m only getting startedβ€””


Β  So we have 3K and something words… in total! Making it almost complete. Almost. Would have loved to continue but I guess we’ll have to wait until the sequel’s ready 😜. I promise not to take long 😘

~See ya!

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