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What about us who dreamt of becoming music stars singing bliss and making lives but have ended up known as dirge lords, thanks to brutal massacres from unknown-gun-men.

What about us who planted seeds of love hoping to help the world re-unite
But we’ve been fired bullets of hate, killing us and making our dreams only but a myth.

What about us that haven’t lived 2 decades on earth but our body spell eons, thanks to ugly wrinkles forming on our dear skin.

What about us that went through formal education,
Hoping to walk around with our stethoscope saving lives,
But have ended up pushing trucks on the streets of our nation
Poor us, we’ve only been feeding fat on sumptous lies.

What about us whom in a bid to get what to feed on
Ended up being prey to prey-dators

What about us who have spent and melted investments on our spouses
Hoping to become one, live happy and sing rhymes together
But have ended up being served breakfast
Even when we haven’t had our showers.

What about us? Sighs… What about us….

What about us, whom in a bid to shortcut our way to becoming the next Tony Elumelu
Watched as our last savings gets melted by unfavourable outcomes from virtual-colour-tv-racedogs.

What about us?
What about us?


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