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Second Chance – Synopsis's that possible!!!

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{ Switched…how’s that possible!!! }



By Chidimma Mirabel

How will you react when everything you had was taken away from you by the person you trust and love the most?

How will you react when things are being decided without your own concern?

How will you now react when you will wake up in someone else body?

Kaila is a pretty young lady of 24 years, she comes from a very poor family. Her mother died when giving birth to her and her father got married to another woman.

Her father had a disease and now he can’t walk, he’s crippled.

Kaila’s step mother, Mrs Paulina is a tyrant, very wicked and money minded. She passed all her character trait to her daughter Mindy.

Mindy is 23 years old, very pretty too just like her step sister but she’s wicked, cunning and money minded like her mother.

Ever since Kaila’s father became a crippled man, Paulina and Mindy turned Kaila to their personal maid. They maltreated her, gave her severe beatings but still she never complained. She took it all to herself.

Fortunately, luck was on Kayla’s side. A rich and handsome CEO will ask for Kaila’s hand in marriage.

Mindy and her step mother will get jealous of her and then will sell her to the brothel. And they will trick the CEO and he will end up marrying Mindy.

Kaila was molested sexually in the brothel, until one day she had enough of it, she decided to escape but unfortunately she will be caught and kill.

What will happen when she will come back in the body of her look a like in another country­čś▒

Will she live a normal life or she will make her step sister and step mother pay for ruining her life.

How did she manage to wake up in the body of her look a like?

Will she forever occupy the body of another person or will she leave it?

Do you want to know the answer to your question?…Then I’m sure you won’t wanna miss this story titled “SECOND CHANCE”

This story is full of mystery, betrayal, love, tragedy and many more spicy events.

Grab your popcorns and follow me on this intriguing story….

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