Her quest for revenge

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( Her quest for revenge )

Written by: Chidimma Mirabel



Are you looking for the hottest, most beautiful boys and girls in Korea, well search no more just go to Jefferson university.

There you’ll meet super hot, sexy, intelligent, in fact all in one school but the best of the best are the ‘ROSY girls’

The ‘ROSY girls’ are a group of musician comprising of four girls: Roxanna, Olivia, Suzy and Yvonne.

Roxanna Martinez is an 18 years old beautiful lady. She’s brave, and doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. She’s also the leader of the band and the rapper of the band…

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Olivia Harris is also of the same age as Roxanna. She’s kind, gentlemen bit don’t press her red button, she can be crazy!!

Suzy Guzman is an 18 years old sexy lady. With a body to die for. She’s the talkative in the group.

And finally Yvonne Simmons. Same age as the others, she’s rather the quiet type…well something made her that way.

These four girls are not only the most popular singing band in the country but they are also members of a secret agent,,,they’re spies!!!

But there’s a huge event that occurred in Roxanna’s life which set her in the path of revenge.

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Do you wanna know what happened to Yvonne?…

Do you wanna know about the huge event that occurred in Roxanna’s life?…

Then don’t miss this new intriguing story titled 👉ROXANNA👈

This story is full of suspense, romance, tragedy and many more!!!

© Mirabel love

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  1. This is a world that is gradually disintegrating, and a little bit of destruction is coming. As an ordinary little character, how do you transform into a hero? If you are interested, please read it!

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