Queen Of Hearts

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Music to my heart

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Music to my heart

A Celebrity Romance Novel

Written By: Pamela James

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A story about a rock star

Arden is Newyork famous rapper. He is a cute handsome Rich player who careless about others. 😎

Rose is like every normal girl in the city. A die hard fan of *GOLD STARS* and guess who is her favorite among them?

What happens when Rose get to meet her celebrity Crush?
Will Arden treat her like the way he treated other girls?

Will Arden still be her favorite when she finds out who he really is?

♥️Excerpt from story😊

“Oh my gosh…did I sleep here?” Rose looked around but paused when she saw Arden coming out from the bathroom.

“Its morning already b*tch. Take this money and leave. ” he threw some dollars on the bed.


“Isn’t that enough? You want more? Herr have it. Just leave. ”

“I don’t need your money…. I will leave….”

🙃Don’t miss it.

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