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Queen Of Hearts – Episode 7

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Music to my heart

A Celebrity Romance Novel

Written By: Pamela James

©Youngicee Stories

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“Do you need a ride or something?” I asked.

“Y-you would give me a ride?” She asked, a bit surprised.

“I mean, I can call you a cab or something…”

Yes, I just wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t tweet about ‘how much of an a$shole Arden of Gold star really is’.

“Oh, no, it is fine.” She cleared her throat.

I nodded, stepping out of the elevator.

My bandmates immediately walking towards their impatiently waiting managers.

She wasn’t sure what she should be expecting.

A goodbye?

A thank you?

regardless, we were gone with neither.

“So… do you like her?” Felix asked, elbowing me as the boy snorted in false amusement.

“Don’t make me laugh. I must have slept with a hundred girls by now, I will forget she exists in like a week.”

“Yeah, maybe…”felix said.

“But you can never beat Simeon.”

Nose scrunching in distaste, I made it clear as we got on the bus that I did not want to get anywhere near Simeon’s body count.

I am a whopping nineteen minutes late to our manager’s call time, not only putting them behind schedule, but also annoying the sh*t out of the entire staff.

As we rode in the bus, I was off.

Authoress Pamela p.o.v

Not in that had-a-bad-start kind of way, though, where you spill your coffee or miss your alarm in the morning.

It was like he was genuinely pissed.

Simeon suspected that it had something to do with the girl, a concept which Arden not only continuously denied, but also self-proclaimed to be hilarious.

Felix was the first one to do something about it, walking over and sitting down next to him, leaning on his shoulder.

“What do you want?” Arden grumbled.

“What, can’t I just hang out with you?” He asked innocently.

Arden knew that there was something up, but there wasn’t exactly a way to call him out on it right now, so he just settled for pulling out his phone, irritated.

Felix was content to sit there and basically do nothing, humming one of their own songs and tapping his fingers on his band mate’s thigh.

After a few moments, felix asked,

“Do you wanna get lunch?”


“Okay…” He paused for a moment.

“What about a drink? I can grab you something.”


Sighing with a childish ‘hmph’

“Why are you so grumpy?”

“I’m not grumpy.”

“Yes you are! You have been all annoyed the entire time we have been on the bus. You won’t even talk to me” He whined, causing Arden to roll his eyes.

He knew he was being an a$s, but it wasn’t his job to babysit.

“Simeon promised me coke, and now I have a headache because he didn’t get it for me.” He spat, glaring towards the door through which simeon was likely sitting.

“He was too busy getting laid, I’m sure.”
“Aw, don’t be like that.” Felix pushed him.

“You had fun, too, you weren’t worried about the stuff last night.”

.Not receiving a response, he offered,

“I might have something, hold on.”

Grabbing his travel bag, he unzipped the largest pocket, shoving his hand down into the depths to try and find whatever it is he was offering.

Pulling out a few plastic bags, he sifted through them.

Two were full of pills, while the other seemed to harbor an assortment of candies, although they weren’t as clean-looking as store-bought products.

“Are those…?”

“Yep!” He put the pills back in the bag, holding out the candy.

“You should have a few, they will calm you down.”

“I don’t know why you eat that crap.” Arden mumbled, turning his head away.

Felix’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Um, are you really judging me for using substances right now…”

“No, no, not that,”Arden corrected.

“They are just not strong at all. I might as well just eat regular candy.”

Giving him a look of skepticism, Felix separated the fullest bag, dropping it in his lap.

“Whatever, I’m just trying to help.” Taking one for himself out of the other bag before placing the remainder in his travel backpack, he leaned back against Arden, sighing and shutting his eyes as he put it in his mouth, clearly happy just to fall asleep.

Arden looked down skeptically at the edibles, still annoyed, but now feeling a little guilty for snapping at his friend.

Picking it up, he popped the ziplock on the bag, reaching his hand in and pulling two out, placing them in his mouth.

Surprisingly, he didn’t mind them.

Granted, they didn’t seem to be taking any drug-like effects, which is what he had been after to begin with.

However, they were sweet and the texture was nice.

It had actually been a while since he had eaten anything sweet.

Taking another few out of the bag, he was distracted from his previously sustained irritation, now letting his mind wander around.

Soon enough, the vibrations of the bus beneath him took hold, rocking him slowly into the good night’s sleep he had missed out on.


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