Queen Of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts – Episode 6

Music to my heart

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Music to my heart

A Celebrity Romance Novel

Written By: Pamela James

©Youngicee Stories

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As Arden walked around, double checking for all of his stuff, as well as throwing her unceremoniously into a pile on the bed, he muttered something about felix not coming through for him.

Rose didn’t think it was her place to ask.

It was 10:52 once he was sure he was ready to leave.

His bag was packed, he was (relatively) clean, and he was dressed casually, prepared for what she was sure was a long ride.

Rose hadn’t checked their tour schedule, but this was the only show in her city, hence why she had attended.

“I will let you stay here, but we are checking out, so…” He said awkwardly.

“You kind of have to get out.”

She hurriedly nodded in understanding.

It was a little strange that he was put together and she was walking out in her shoes, shorts, and the non-fitting shirt, but there wasn’t much to be done.

.Stepping out into the hotel hall, though, she found her embarrassment return as she was faced with another member of the band: Simeon.

Although his real name was Simeon. his stage name was much more pet-like, catering to the audience. Despite the name, he often seemed to be one of the coldest members of the group, as many drummers were.

Gold Stars were unique in that they switched between playing instruments and singing with tracks, as they were all talented vocalists.

Simeon tended to cover some of the fastest parts, his speed and diction at scary levels of capability.

She was a huge fan, so she knew all of this.

However, the genuine grin that was plastered on his face as Arden and Rose exited the hotel room was highly uncharacteristic, at least, according to everything she knew.

“Well, that’s new,” He laughed, evidently talking to his band mate.

Arden looked immediately irritated.

“What about it?”

“Keeping a girl the night?” He asked, looking her over.

“And she doesn’t really seem like your type.”

“My type is literally anyone, so shut the fvck up.” He said.

“Sure. What has got you so grumpy, huh? Didn’t get a good night’s sleep?”

“Says you, you had to sleep next to felix room.”

Simeon groaned at this.

“Don’t remind me, I barely got five minutes of peace.”

Rose was looking back and forth between them, lips sealed, observing their playful argument.

As Simeon said this, though, another door next to his opened.

“Are we talking about me?” A deeper male voice laughed.

Looking down the hall, she saw that yet another of her idols, felix, was now participating in the conversation.

He was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, causing her to accidentally sputter in embarrassment, catching his attention.

“Oo, she is pretty. Did you bring her back, Arden?”

“Can you all not analyze my one night stand?” He asked with a glare.

“It is just different, you never hang out with them after.” Simeon snickered again, causing Rose to become self conscious.

It wasn’t his fault that she was still there, although he also hadn’t removed her…

“Hey, there is no shame in that.” Felix said.

“I still got a few loitering around.”

“Uh, we have to leave in like three minutes, man.” Simeon warned him.

“Maybe put some pants on?”

“I don’t even want to hear it from you,” Arden spat, completely ignoring simeon’s point.

“Do you even know the names of the people in there?”

“Um?” Simeon looked up, trying to think.

. “I think there is a favor Or was it faith…? Maybe a Felicia?” He was clearly just making up names, having no clue.

The other members of the band were pretty much used to his nightly escapades by now, often with more people involved than ever necessary.

“He has a point. Do you even know her name Arden?” Felix shrugged.

“No he doesn’t.”simeon grumbled.

“I bet he doesn’t even know her name.”

“Yes I do, because I’m not an as$hole.”

“Oh yeah? What is it, then?”


She was a little surprised that he actually had remembered, even if he did say it last night.

Arden looked at her, waiting for her to confirm.

She nodded hesitantly, indicating that he was indeed correct.

“Stop fighting,” felix reprimanded them.

“It is 11:01, the managers are going to kill us.”

“Ah, sh*t, really?” Arden looked annoyed.

“You guys don’t want us to help me get all these….”


Both of them said, walking past his room, rose following sheepishly.

“Are you serious?!” He complained as they pressed the elevator button.

“Come on!”

“You can get on the bus with your d!ck hanging out, for all I care.”

“You are the worst.”

Neither of the men bothered to give Rose a response as the elevator doors shut taking them down to the first floor.


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