Queen Of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts – Episode 5

Music to my heart

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Music to my heart

A Celebrity Romance Novel

Written By: Pamela James

©Youngicee Stories

Do not copy or repost



I felt his arms wrap around my waist, unconsciously pulling this warmth of my body to comfort him.

Not really sure what to do, I just lifted my arms, making sure that he was done adjusting himself, before digging back into my food.

As I finished, I threw the plate onto the bedside table, not really concerned with the trash.

Leaning back in satisfaction, I glanced once more to the occupied area next to me.

Arden looked nothing like I was used to seeing him.

As a fan, everything that he perceived was meticulously marketed.

He was always covered in makeup and leather, an attitude for the ages and the talent to match.

Here, though, it was almost funny to compare.

He was clinging onto me like a little kid, eyeliner smudgy and his black hair a disaster.

Sighing, I ran my fingers through it, trying to untangle it a little bit.

It was surprisingly soft for how much it was likely flat ironed.

Stirred by the contact, Arden eyes squinted up, before blinking open in confusion, the bright of daylight irritating to his newfound sight.

He coughed rather loudly, as if to try and clear his throat.

Obviously like me, it took him a few moments to remember where he was and what was going on.


I Looked at her, but not really retaining or understanding anything. I slid his arms out from around her body, pulling my palms to his face to rub the sleep away.

At the pressure, though, I groaned.


My head hurts.

“Morning.” She said, trying to help me come back to reality.

Looking over a second time, I realized exactly who she was and what was happening.

“Oh.” I said with a yawn, throat understandably raspy.

“You are still here? Did you want another autograph or something?”

She didn’t know how to react to that.



“Stupid me. I should have just left.” She cursed herself for being so stupid.

Of course as a rock star I am probably used to having girls over for a night and then they disappear by morning.

“I…uh,” she tumbled to find an answer.

“Nothing like that, I just happened to get up, a…and I was hungry, so I got us breakfast, b…but then I laid back down a…and…” She didn’t know how to explain exactly what happened, but my eyebrows raised in surprise.

“That’s for me?”I asked, gesturing to the other plate.

“I mean, yeah?” She said with an awkward laugh.

“You don’t have to eat it or anything, I just thought it would be rude if you woke up and I had gotten myself breakfast but didn’t bring anything back.”she said looking down

“I know you can probably get whatever you want, so like…”

“No, it’s fine,” I said.

Surprisingly, I didn’t sound annoyed at all.

“It’s just… unusual. Usually they do leave by morning.” I shrugged.

Sliding out of the bed, I walked over to the table under the TV, causing her to avert her eyes clear to the other side of the room in embarrassment.

I still wasn’t dressed.

Shoving a huge bite in his mouth,I noticed her new positioning.

“What?” I mumbled, mouth full of food, nearly falling out.

“It’s nothing you haven’t seen. And is that my shirt?”

She looked down, eyes widening.

“Oh! I…I had to go get the stuff- and- and my-”

“It’s fine. You can take it off, though, I gotta leave in like…” I looked over to the alarm clock, reading the digits- 10:04.

“Fifty-six minutes.”

“I can’t take it off!” She yelled, clutching her hands over her chest, even though it was still clothed.

Staring at me in horror, she was at least relieved to find that he had put on a pair of black boxers.

Still, she kept her eyes as far away from me as possible, wholeheartedly embarrassed.

“Why not? Just wear a sheet out or something.”

“Some of us have do have shame!” She chastised me.

Sighing, I rolled my eyes, really not in the mood to have some drawn out fight with a random girl I picked up at a concert.

“Whatever.” I picked up another one out of my bag.

“But if I see that sh*t in a store, you will be getting a letter from my lawyers.”

She nodded hurriedly, not planning on doing anything malicious with it.

Taking another bite, I began getting ready to go, just leaving her to sort of… watch.


As he moved to the bathroom, the shower starting, I am surprised he didn’t ask me to leave yet.

Although he wasn’t really talking to me. he didn’t seem to mind, either.

Maybe not everything was like the movies.

By the time he had showered and gotten completely dressed, I sort of felt like the more disgusting ones.

He had cleaned up, although his head still looked to be bothering him.

What could be bothering him?


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