Pregnant For The CEO

Pregnant For The CEO – Finale Episode 65

From a stripteaser to a wife

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Pregnant For The CEO

(From a stripteaser to a wife)

Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories.

Episode 65 (Finale Episode)


“Jackson? Oh my! You’re back! Make sure you get something for me when you’re coming.” Hayley giggled.

“Sure. Bread and Capri-soone is okay for you.”

“Seriously! I’m not a kid anymore.” Hayley rolled her eyes.

Jackson laughed. “I know. Don’t worry, I’m gonna get something for you and my little babies. I can’t wait for my Lucy to start carrying my babies. I need triplets.”

“What the! Do you wanna stress the hell out of her? And it’s not like you’re gonna carry the pregnant for some time.”

“Whatever. Let’s get to your house and talk more.”

Twenty minutes later, Jackson and Michelle arrived and welcomed by Hayley and Tanner.

“Congratulations!” Jackson shook Tanner’s hands as he led them to where the babies where sleeping.

“Oh my! The babies are so cute!” Michelle squeaked as she took the girl’s little hand into hers. “I feel like having my own so soon.” She added.

“Of course! Very soon.”

They left the room for the babies to sleep soundly and went downstairs to talk. They’d talked about Michelle’s wedding coming up soon and Jackson who’s also planning his wedding.

Lastly, Hayley talked about theirs too. Their wedding to come up that same month. Tanner couldn’t wait for Hayley to be his wife.

They ate together before Michelle and Jackson left the house.

“Look who’s so happy today.” Tanner teased.

Hayley smiled harder. “Aren’t you happy too?”

“I really happy today too. Especially when you’re with me.” He answered and drew her closer to kiss her forehead then her lips.

Two weeks later,

It was Hayley and Tanner’s wedding. Everyone was present there. Including Hayley’s aunt, Salome. She’s her only guardian who brought her up before Hayley finally got into college after her parents’ death.

“Let me carry my grandchildren while you go have fun with your husband.” Salome urged Hayley, pushing her forward after breastfeeding her babies to the full.
Daniel and Daniella, Tanner and Hayley did named the twins.
The church ceremony ended and everyone was finding their way to the reception venue.

“Happy wedding day, Hayley.” Lucy, Jackson’s fiancee said as she got to her with Jackson behind her.

“Thank you, Lucy. I can see Jackson is really talking care of you.” Hayley chuckled while Jackson glared playfully at her.

“Because of how fresh she is now.” He cleared his throat.

“Yeah. Where’s Michelle?”

“Oh! She went to Mason.” Lucy answered.

“Alright! Thanks for coming.”

“You’re welcome.”

Few seconds later, Tanner came and took Hayley away to his mother. The party was fun and adorable.
One week later,
Jayden went back to school after the few days holiday they were asked to spend. He was so eager to see Kimberly. It’s now or never. He was going to ask her out today.

Jayden thought about throughout the night before he slept yesterday. He didn’t have the courage to face her all this while.

He prayed silently.

“Good morning, Jayden.” Kimberly smiled at him as she saw him coming.

They already became friends after the party he threw the other day.

“Good morning, Kimberly. How’s your night?” He replied.

“It was fine.”

Jayden gulped. He never felt like this before when it comes to girls. Now, this situation he’s in, is really making him look like a silly and crazy boy.
How will he pour out is love for her? Maybe he should just do the way he does for other girls.
“Be my girlfriend, Kimberly.” He blurted. The words already came out before he could even process it together.

He looked down at Kimberly, seeing her blank face made him feel uneasy.

“W..what did you just say?” She asked. She needed to hear him well again.

Jayden sighed. “Be my girlfriend, Kimberly.” He repeated.
Kimberly’s lips parted in shock.
She wasn’t expecting it. Yes, she love him but can’t say it to him so she won’t destroy their relationship of being friends. It was so cool and fun being friends with Jayden. She always see the good side of him everyday.

She’d think about him almost everyday. But she wasn’t expecting him to love her back.

“Are you trying to tease me or…….”

“No, I’m not teasing you. I mean it.” Jayden interrupted.

Kimberly smiled softly and nodded. ” I’ve always love you too. I will be your girlfriend.”
She walked closer to him and wrapped her hands around his neck. Not minding the students passing. Jayden also, snaked his hand to her waist, holding her tightly before leaning to kiss her.

Michael and Stanley were passing when they sighted the two.

“Wow! He finally did that!” Michael laughed as he watched the two kissing.

“Yeah. You should look for someone to call girlfriend and who you will love wholeheartedly.” Stanley told him.

“Thank you, Prof. I love the lecture but I’m…….Wow! Did you see that beautiful queen that just passed us?”

Stanley turned to the direction where Michael was facing. A young girl with glasses holding some books in her hands and was about to enter the lecture room.

“I should go check on her.” Michael ran off while Stanley nodded.

Jayden and Kimberly were already coming his way and he decided to meet them halfway.

“Congratulations! She’s finally your girlfriend right?”

“Yeah. She’s mine now.” Jayden said, proudly.

“Welcome to the club” Stanley chuckled.

“Where’s Michael?”

“He ran after some girl.”

“I see. Let’s go to class. The examination is gonna start soon.”

Five years later,

“Momma, is Jenny coming to our birthday party?” Daniella asked.

“Yeah, sweetheart. She’s coming. Henry is also coming.” Hayley answered and turned to the cake she’s trying to make.

“Yahh!!” Daniel squeaked as his mom mentioned Henry.

Jenny is Michelle and Mason’s daughter while Henry is Jackson and Lucy’ son.

“Happy birthday, my little princess and prince.” Tanner showed up behind them. He kissed the two kids then went to kiss their mother.

“Thank you Daddy!”

Thirty minutes later,
Henry arrived with his parents and also Jenny too.
Some friends from Daniel and Daniella’ school and neighborhood came to celebrate with them.

They were all welcomed. The party began and cake was brought.

“Let’s cut the cake, darlings.” Hayley smiled.

After cutting the cake, the kids who brought gifts for the twins went to dropped them.

“Happy birthday, Daniel and Daniella.” Jenny giggled as she ran to to hug the twins.

“Happy birthday too.” Henry joined, hugging the three.
Music was played and the kids danced with each other while the adults watched them smiling and laughing.

THE End…..😘😍

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