My Stubborn MaidMy Stubborn Maid Season 2

My Stubborn Maid – Season 2 Episode 30

She is mine

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Hey guys, there ain’t a mistake here in the chapter numberings. It is directly from the writer and this is how she chooses to number it. So read along irrespective of the fault in the numbering system.


My stubborn maid
(She is mine)

Season 2 chapter thirty(30)

By mo Ni so la

Skylar pov

I pretend to be sleeping…
In the car.. , I felt him carrying me.

I felt the urge to poke..”but I still want to carry on with the act”

I want to poke on his cloth, but I ended on vomiting on my cloth.

“Should I wear her another cloth, she is gonna bite me if she wakes up”.

I heard him…
I felt him turn me over, and I clenched my fists… What is he doing?

He unzip my cloth…
I felt him walk away.

Is he going to take off my cloth?
I need to stop pretending, or else he is gonna see me on my underwear.

I felt his presence in the room.
“I look up, because I was staring at the room in surprise”

this house looks more beautiful than the one he is living!
“I shot him a deadly glare”.

💋 Brian pov,💋
You are a… “I shutter”
Are you trying to take off my cloth, and see me ;”quarter naked”!😠

No; I just want to change your cloth… Because it in a mess.
Change my cloth?

” Who knows you won’t take advantage of me”!

Yes! Mr Brian; I don’t want your hand on my body!

You have a girlfriend! A very pretty one.
So… leave me alone!
Leave me the hell alone!
Why do you always appear huh?

I was enjoying the party, and you came from no where to spoil the fun!

“Skylar, you are drunk”!
Am not… I can’t just control myself!

I know what is going on around me!
“So can you just leave me alone”?????

Please!!!!!! I yelled
I quickly hide my face…

Not to allow him to see the tears…; Can’t he see that I love him?

Skylar? What!!
I stood up ; you know what..
Leave this room!!

Now!! “He was not moving”
Don’t worry, I will leave.
I was about to move..

“When he draws me back”
And said *I LOVE YOU*
Before he kiss me.

I was dancing in the party, I was drunk..
I search the crowd..

Girlfriend! I yelled in a crazy way.
I finally sighted Skylar dancing with a guy.

I felt someone tap me.

Who is it? You!!
Handsome dude..

Hey, babe;. He carry me.
What are you doing?
Taking you home!

Home? Yessss
Wait, where is Skylar..

We came here together.. “Brian just took her”. Brian?

How do you know him?
“We are friends, tight friends”

He took me to a car.
What do he mean by home?

Drake pov🥺

I bent to loot at her butt..
Huh, she got this butt an 18 years old should have.

She kick my cheeks.


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