My Stubborn Maid

My Stubborn Maid – Episode 24

She is mine

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My stubborn maid
(She is mine)
Chapter twenty four (24)
By monisola


I shout at the guy. You this fool, how dare you come into my room.

Get out!! You are fired.
*I was expecting him to beg me.

But he just walk outside.
Diamond!!!!! *You are so dead today*


After crying..I decide to forget my feelings.

“I went straight to the kitchen. I sat on a stood and take a juice .

Hey!! Linda? “I mutters
I want you to prepare my lunch.

Miss Linda, am Mr Brian personal maid. Not a cook.

“She smirk”…if you don’t prepare the meal for me.
I will report you Brian.

I decided to prepare steamed rice…
I put the food on a table in the dining room.

“I was sweating seriously”.
The p***y wide..
Came into view.

She took the 🥄 spoon and she ate the food twice

Orghh… “That taste bad.
I want you to prepare another meal for me.

This time…I prepare noodles.
She ate 1 spoon… and she said she is no more eating.

I felt angry… really angry.
She was about to step out of the kitchen.

I ran to her… I pulled her..
And she face me. I make her sit..
I poured the noodles inside her mouth.

I cooked this…with my sweat…now she said she is not eating again.

“I will show her, that am wicked”. mouth.

Leave me please…
No, am not.
I took the hot tea, I made with the noodles.

And I poured everything into her mouth…she started fighting me.

What the hell is going on here?? Mr Brian said.


After four lessons..
It’s time for lunch. But I stay in the class.

“I don’t go to the cafeteria.
I stay at the class.

“Has you all know…I don’t have a friend”.

I put my head on the locker.
When I felt a tap on me!

Who the hell is this!!!
I look up… and I saw him.
The fool.

Skylar is so wicked.
My throat hurts me badly.
It’s get burnt already.

Will I be able to eat??
She pure hot water on my mouth.

My tongue!!
I tried fighting her… But she is so strong.
What the hell is going on?
My baby said.


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