My Stubborn Maid

My Stubborn Maid – Episode 18

She is mine

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My stubborn maid
(She is mine)
Chapter eighteen.
By monisola

I went to the bathroom tobath.
This diamond huh.
Just finding my trouble.
Am tired of her.
How can I do my payback.
Then idea popped into my mind, “I smirk” she is gonna cry today.

After Skylar went outside my room..
I felt somehow. Firstly, Embarrassed that she saw my D***. Gosh she saw it
Secondly, l kept thinking about the kiss.

Why do I kiss her? I don’t know why I can’t resist seeing those lips.. they are tempting… anytime I looked at them they screamed kiss me!!.
I think I need to tell her am sorry.
Time to look for her!

I was in the bathroom scrubbing my body.. the image of the kiss kept appearing on my head.

And anytime I think about it I blushedđŸ™ˆ..
I gasped, I just remembered how boss D*** looks like.

After scrubbing the rotten eggs off me. I took a towel wrapped it on my body.
I was about to sit, so as to dry my hair.

I felt someone open my door. Huh!! What is he doing in my room.
I suddenly felt nervous and shy knowing that he kissed me, and I saw his D***.
He was lost staring at me.

Huh?? I look at myself.
Gosh I forget that am still on my towel.. too bad, it’s too short. It’s brought out my shape and laps…
Gosh this is too bad!!! I almost shouted.
What is he looking at?
I traced his gaze.
I quickly cover by boobs.
Gosh today is a bad day!

I lent that Skylar is in her room. I opened the door to her room.
She was about to sit, when she turns to face me.
Goodness lord!!! She is on a towel.
Gosh, she looks so hot.. with those wet long hair.

In all hair I have seen. I have never seen a hair this long.
And she always make her hair to bun. “She never leave it like this”

Didn’t she know that it makes her looks more hot.
I look at her…
What a fresh legs…her laps looks so fresh and her butt looks so huge and perfect.
My D*** became erect, I think I need to leave this room now!

I look at her breast, they looks so tempting for a guy.
I can’t resist looking at them.
Hey you!! That was Skylar.
You pervet what are you doing here??

I cleared my voice.. “Ahem” I..
Came to.. hmmm
Think Brian, what do you came to do in her room.
I suddenly forget what I came to do. “Do her sight brain washed me”???
I guess so..

What do you came to do, she was holding her towel to herself.
Hmm.. I .. I scratched the back of my hair.
She was about to take a step…


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