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Andrew’s pov
”tell me that you almost gone!!!” she yelled at me ”am done” am not done because have not wash the foot mat,i can’t kill myself, she stood up and stormed to me ”let me check first before paying” she went to opened her car ”what???” she yelled ”please drive out of my car wash” i stated and sat down ”you should’ve said you’re not capable for this,cute face but lazy” she hopped in her car and drove out roughly…
I sighed relief, well am Andrew,a car washer with cute face,green cat eyes ball,dimples,semi pink lips and charming body,am not flattery myself, i know am cute and someone usually say that, am nobody….yeah, treasure matters a lot to me.

Benita’s pov
”am sorry, Binta” it’s been two hours now and i was still on my kneels, of course begging her again, i can’t just say that this is my offence, she just slapped me suddenly when she woke up this morning ”please forgive me” i said tearly ”okay okay,you know what? just kneel down for the whole day” ”what??”


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