Jerk Husband Rude Wife

Jerk Husband Rude Wife – Episode 66

His heartthrob her heartbeat

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©Youngicee Stories

Written by: Pamela James

Chapter 66


“All okay but why are you drinking this much?” Ronald asked while raising a brow.

“Today your bestie, will drink till two a.m” I said seriously.

Ronald’s mouth fell opened.

“Oooo oooo stop your low-price drama! It is not even alcohol just coke.” He said taking the glass from my hand.

“Low-price acting? What did you say? Low-price?” I said dramatically with puppy eyes.

Ronald shoke his head in disbelief.

“Which flop movie have you seen here?”

“There is no big theatre in this universe as our house.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Let me guess, Someone made you angry” he said.

I nodded ready to cry.



I narrated everything to him.

” And then, mother lectured me for almost fours hours for hiting my jerk husband who deserves to be beaten like a minced meat” I said glaring at the ceiling.

Ronald who was controlling his laugh for a while burst into tears while laughing.

I glared at him.

“Sorry sorry… but you aren’t so innocent yourself. I already knew that you are a single battery with double power.” He said between laughter.

I took a another glass of cold drink.

“Atleast leave some for me. I wasted this much precious minutes listening your nonsense stuff” He said composing himself and grinning innocently.

“Get lost from here and don’t spoil my act or else I will spoil your this face” I said blankly.

“Me?” Ronald put his palm on his chest.

I just rolled my eyes and kicked him making him fall from the sofa.

“I am dead” Ronald whined as soon as his butt made contact with the hard floor.

I bent my head as thanking him in japanese style and winked at him who was sitting on the floor with his arms folded on his chest while glaring at me.

“what should I do with that your beautiful mouth” I sang looking at him from the corners of my eyes.


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