Jerk Husband Rude Wife

Jerk Husband Rude Wife – Episode 64

His heartthrob her heartbeat

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©Youngicee Stories

Written by: Pamela James

Chapter 64


“You” ivy threw my head aside pulling my hair and stood up getting all red.

I quickly stood up and ran to the other side of the bed.

“Wife? Second wife? Let me tell you..”
She took her slippers from the floor and aimed at me.

“I will k?ll you today!” She said ready to throw it at me.

“Haha. Very funny. Who the hell d!es just by getting hit by a slippers?” I mocked her.

Ivy looked at her slippers and then at me.

” Don’t underestimate the power of my slippers” She said and threw it at me with ful force.

Before I could move away the slippers hit me hard on my chest.

“Ouch” I whined rubbing my chest.

” You are insane” I said bitterly.

“Think about marrying a second time and I will slaughter you right there” She said with gritted teeth.

“I won’t think”

“That is like my boy”

“I will directly do it” I said determinedly.

Ivy’s jaw dropped to the ground.

” You lost all the rights to live. Now face my wrath” She said picking another slipper from the floor.

“Ivy I am telling you don’t do this” I said refraining her.

“I will do. Stop me if you can” She said aiming at me.

I ran to the other side hiding behind the sofa and her slipper hit the sofa.

She took it again and threw in my direction.

I sat down and slipper fell on the floor after hiting the wall.

“Ha ha ha ha” I laughed mocking her.

She glared at me and again threw it in my direction.

This time it again came back without touching him.

This continued until our room looked like a zombie house.

“Frederick” Ivy called out suddenly grazing at her imaginary beard.


“Which graveyard do you like?”

” Why?” I asked confuse.

“Because today when I will kill you the least I can do for you is to bury you in your favourite graveyard. You know everyone has some wishes you surely need to habe yours. So tell me, I will make sure…”

She kept on blabbering while I slipped down on the floor taking my head in my palms listening to her super idiotic “Favourite Graveyard Speech”.

“You know what Ivy” I said when my control went beyond limits.

“What?” She said stopping in mid of her blabbering .

“I have seen numerous idiot…but…Still no one can beat you” I said shaking my head in disbelief.

” You are right no one can beat me” She patted her shoulder with her slipper proudly.

“Wait what” She shouted as soon as realization hit her.

“What the hell did you just say?” She shouted.

“I stated the most obvious thing” I said getting up.

“You deserve the second one too” With this she threw her slipper which hit my on shoulder.

“Ivy!” Just then we heard a scream behind us.

“Mother” Ivy’s mouth went dry.

“What is this? What am Iseeing?” She said with disbelief evident in her voice.

“Ughmm.. Eh…actually..” Ivy said scratching the back of her neck.

“Did you just hit him?” Mother said with wide eyes.

Ivy shoke her head while I nodded.

To be continued

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