Jerk Husband Rude Wife

Jerk Husband Rude Wife – Episode 62

His heartthrob her heartbeat

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©Youngicee Stories

Written by: Pamela James

Chapter 62


“Ha, You should look at their faces but why did they leave? My poem isn’t that bad” She said sadly.

I just shake my head at her nonsense.

“I wrote something for you too, Frederick” She said with toothy grin and playing with her hair

” NO. How can I listen to my wife’s ear bleeding and idiotic poetry.” I whispered the last part incoherently joining my palms in the air.

“It is not like that. You are now exaggerating” She said blankly.

“This one is good I promise”

“Whatever” I said running out.

“He is little bit of arrogant
little bit of a jerk
But however he is my life.”

My steps froze listening to her cute confession and a warm smile broke on my lips.


“Okay Fredericj , I and Samantha are going to the market.” Mother said going towards porch.

” Can I come with you?” I said quickly.

” no need. Stay at home. Ivy is all alone.” She said sitting in the car.

“That is actually the problem I want to leave this house.” I whispered making faces.

“My whole family is weird. When I want to go out then they don’t need me and when I don’t want to move then they will drag me with them whether alive or dead” I shake my head murmuring.

Going in, I took a water bottle to calm my dancing heart.

Looking at Ivy, I choked on my water. She was making something on in the kitchen with a very se×y dress and her hair was swaying in air.

I put my water bottle aside and moved towards her and stood right behind her and started putting her hair in a bun.

” Why are you dressed this way?” I asked huskily.

” Why? There is no one at home”

“Can’t you see me? Am I a ghost”

“Not less than that” She murmured

“What?” I stepped back.

“I mean yeah i know you are here but mother said I can dress this way when i am alone with my husband.” She smiled.

“Trouble” I murmured rolling my eyes.

“Did you say anything?” She asked innocently battling her lashes.

” Don’t do this” I said composing myself .

“Do What?” She again stepped closer.

“Or else…”

“Else?” She stepped more closer.

“I will kiss you right there” I closed my eyes and opened them again after some seconds “I don’t care” With this she slammed her lips onto mine.

Okay….But I didn’t expect this.

I pulled her closer deepening the kiss.

Moments passed with us devouring each other’s mouth when I pulled back joining our foreheads.

Ivy looked down shyly.

I smiled caressing her cheek.

“So someone is shy now? Huh? Where did your boldness go now?” I said teasing her.

She punched my chest and a giggle left my mouth.

I pulled her closer and put my arms around her waist hugging her.

Ivy smiled feeling the bliss showering on us and gripped my torso tightly.


It was twelve at night when Ivy came to the room.

I was already laying on the bed typing on my phone.

Ivy locked the door and played on her side quietly.

“Turn the lights off. I am tired.” She patted my arm.

“I am working” I said casually.

“So What? You can do this with the room lights switched off” She shouted irritatingly pointing at his phone.

” But I don’t want to switch off the lights.”

She glared at me for some moments before throwing a pillow at me.

“Go to hell” She sighed turning her back towards me.

“Do all the house chores and also fulfil all your wishes whole day and still you can’t let me sleep at night peacefully.” She was murmuring while I smiled listening to her.

I put my phone aside and switched off the lights.

I was just teasing her and she got offended.

I sighed and put my arm around her waist.

“Stay away” she yanked my arm away.

“I won’t” I again encircled my arm around her waist.

” Dont touch me”

“I will”

“Why are you disturbing me?” She turned around facing me.

“Because I have a right”

“Which right?”

“This right of disturbing the beauty sleep of my wife. You should be thankful that I am doing it in a sober way or else… there are many ways to disturb your wife’s sleep.” I whispered the last part near her face.

Her facial hair rose up at their proximity.

“What can you do?” She said in a challenging tone.

“I can put my arms around your waist gagging you between me and and air and can toss us on bed taking you beneath me and can kiss your neck.. like this” I quickly put my arms around her and tossed on the bed and put my lips on her neck.

A gasp left hrr mouth.

“I never knew that you had a mole on your collar bone” I said massaging her collar bone.

She kept on looking at her hands with shyness.

I smiled and fixed her palms on my chest..

“I can drag you this closer to me so that our breaths can mingle.”

A gasp left her mouth as I roughly tossed us again and now she was laying on my chest.

“I want to sleepy” She said just to get over her shyness and tried to pull back only to fall on me again.

“Wrong move. Now you have to sleep this night like this.” I said huskily and pulled her clip out of her hair making them to fall all over her face and back.

” But.. ”

“Shh” I put my finger on her lips.

“Just sleep” I put my arms around her putting her hair strands behind.

She shoke her head and hide her red face in ny chest.

” You know what Ivy, I dont know what this feeling is called but you are the only fragnanace I want to inhale the whole my life.” I smiled looking at her sleeping frame.

“First of all I won’t let you sleep with you being angry at me and second of all whether if you are angry or not I won’t stop giving you good night kisses” I kissed her forehead lastly and made her lay on the bed so that she won’t be uncomfortable and closed my eyes with a smile on my lips.

To be continued.

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