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I Want A Home – Episode 123

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I Want A Home – Episode 123
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The table turned as each drug lords desperately wants to escape from the fierce gunfire. They all navigated more into the building and all find their ways separately as Inspector Kelvin and the rest of the officers marched forward tactically through the destroyed part of the entrance while the aircraft rove above the building.

Khora was shot differently on his chest as he attempted to navigate out from cover and died instantly.

“Team A, follow me, team B, follow her” kelvin gave the instruction as they ran after the drug lords. Team B was to follow agent Mary to apprehend Lord Nathaniel and the man in the suit while team A follows him to apprehend Michael Mill and the running minister with the rest of their men.

The building was extremely large and it was built in different compartment leading to several hallways all leading to another.

Swiftly, the officers moved and the inspector ran with the officers as they shoot.

“There should be another escape route here, isn’t there at all?” Minister Albert shouted in panic as they ran through the hall way with the fast approaching officers shooting at them.

“The whole building has been surrounded but we’d get you out somehow” one of the agent leading them through the hallway answered as he tread behind Michael mill. He seemed to be the security head of Mill’s men as he moved backsides to support the men shooting at the cops.

“Who the hell is in charge there?” Mill also asked as he move as fast as his legs can take him. He was holding a revolver as well as the minister who had totally reached extreme frightened state.

“I have no idea sir” the agent answered as two more men dropped dead behind him the same seconds. He cursed immediately and shoot severally while the men ahead joined him. They were at the end of the hallway already and Michael navigated towards another direction while the minister followed, by then, he was left with the head agent and two other men to fight the officers.



Lord Nathaniel let out a bad scream as a bullet pierced his left leg on the run while trying to get into one of the rooms at the hallway when agent Mary and the officers almost levied up to him. He opened the door eventually and ran inside as the officers ran after him, instructing him to drop his weapon.

He made a terrible scream as his legs failed him at the very step into the room but managed to gain his ground, he quickly locate the electricity switch in the room and turned the lights off.

He moved as fast as he could from the door and quickly head to the other side of the wall, he raised his gun as he leaned on his right leg, ofcourse, the first officer who would enter will be likely unfortunate.

He shoot immediately and killed two officer who ran inside the room as expected and he fired more to prevent the others from entering while the door pierced badly.

The other officer stayed back immediately as agent Mary cursed and signaled for them to wait as bullets pierced the other side of the wall when the two officer got shot.

She waited few more seconds and stepped a bit backwards from the entrance when Lord Nathaniel bullet exhausted. She marched into the room immediately and shoot with the officers following behind but Lord Nathaniel had located a door leading to another room and rushed into it. She only saw his glimpse as he ran into the room just as she fired the same seconds. The officers all got inside and one of them quickly locate the electricity switch to turn the light on.

“He must not get away, get that door open” the agent instruct the officers who quickly head towards the door.

Two of the officers took position at the sides and another smashed the door open at once. The officers badge inside and the agent followed tactically.

The new room they entered was quite different from the other one, it was extremely large and doesn’t look exactly like a room but a hall and quite spacy. It looked like a place for keeping filled and empty containers as containers were arranged around the whole corners.

The officers marched carefully without making sounds as Lord Nathaniel was out of sight.

“I know you’re there hiding, come out gently and drop your weapon. There is no escape for you this time Lord Nathan” Agent Mary shouted out to Lord Nathaniel who was already hiding behind one of the big container.

She gave a hand signal to some of the officers who marched to the containers immediately and the rest moved after her. Just as the officers got to the other side of the container, Lord Nathaniel appeared in between and grab one of the officer’s neck, he turned him around instantly and grabbed his gun, then held unto his throat.

“I’ll pieces his skull” the drug lord shouted as the officers tried to attack him almost instantly.

“Drop that now” Agent Mary also affirmed, she moved with the other officers just as Lord Nathaniel pulled backwards with the officer.

“There is no escape for you…” the agent waited no seconds to delay when she fired. Lord Nathaniel fired as well and the rest of the officers fired likewise.



“The comm’s not working, I can’t get to him as well” Derrick confirmed as they got the other two officers down, he made a sigh and took a look at his wristwatch.

“Let’s head back, we can’t go into the building again, it’s too dangerous” Lord Margot advised as she bent to take the weapons of the officers.


“We need to know the status of the situation. We can’t just leave like that”

“I’m sorry I can’t go in with you Derrick” Lord Margot looked at Derrick and shrugged, she made a sigh as Derrick nodded adamantly and looked determined to get back into the building despite the heavy gun fire.

She nodded at him and watched him head back towards the direction that led to the exit of the building until he was out of sight. She looked at the bodies of the dead officers and made another sigh as she wonder about the term ‘Loyalty’.

All her life was only for herself, even some of her men who worked with her were somehow killed by herself at a point they got captured. The ones she felt would betray them were easily assassinated and the worst was for any of her men who failed a particular mission, he alongside his entire family would be killed.

She felt by now she should be dead but she had survived even the worst and the best thing she could do now is survive and live in a faraway land after her part of the bargain was given.

She heaved a deep breath and turned to walk away after standing at a position for long when she suddenly sighted someone afar. She hurriedly navigate to hide quickly and raised her gun. She cocked it and wait for the person to get nearer as she watch him get closer when she heard him say something loud.

“It’s Steve” she didn’t say anything nor made a sound as the figure get closer but she was prepared to fire even hearing the voice. She heard him say its Steve again and raised her gun the more, this time her hands tightly held to pull the trigger till the figure told her not to shoot and walked towards the reflection of the moon to reveal his face. Alas, it was Steve and he was dressed in a police uniform.

She quickly move out from the dark area while Steve asked about Derrick.

“He went back into the building”

“Why is your com’s not working?” Steve asked again and looked at the four dead officers.

“We have no idea what happened, we couldn’t reach out to Joel as well”

“Which direction did Derrick go?”

“That Direction” Lord Margot pointed.

“What about Joel and Viv?” she asked, feeling curious.

“They’re out of the building already” Steve answered just instantly the drug lord stepped forward and shouted “Damn … I told Derrick not to head back into the building”

“Do not worry, I’ll find him. Just find a means to leave” Steve told her and began to walk away.



The three men stayed back to fight the approaching officers while the Minister and Michael ran to escape. The end of the hallway had been an advantage to them and a disadvantage to the officers already at the middle of the hallway. They had no choice than to proceed as the three gunmen fired at them while Mill and the minister were already afar but still inside the building.

The minister panicked in fear as he tread carefully behind Michael who didn’t even know his way around but was just heading through one room to the other like he’s going to see an escape out of the whole building but unfortunately as he ran from one of the rooms to the other without a plan of what to do, he ran into a bunch of officers who surround them surprisingly as the minister ran stupidly into their hands likewise.

There was nothing he could do and he couldn’t run back into the previous hall, he cursed and hissed, then dropped his weapon reluctantly as the officers told them to raise their hands and go on their knees just as they were both handcuffed immediately.



5 minutes later ..

Lord Nathaniel was pushed forward by two officers and some officers who came out of the hallway surround him. He was handcuffed and blood was woofing from his laps and legs. Agent Mary stepped out as well and heaved a sigh with a phone placed on her ear.

“We lost a handful of men sir” she said into the phone and utter few more words to the caller on the other hand before the call ended and she heard inspector Kelvin voice from her wired communication piece.

“Yes inspector, we are heading out already”



Derrick began to walk away carefully when he sighted some officers arrest Michael and the Minister. They were taking them away already but some officers were still around the whole place, he bent down from been caught as he watched afar and confused.

He had navigated through the Rooms as well in search for Joel or Steve but it didn’t look like he was ever going to see their traces. He took a peep at the going officers taking Mill and the Minister away again and was about to turn when he heard a voice behind him.

“Drop your weapon and raise your hands” he heard an officer shouted out to him with a revolver directly touching his shoulder.

“Damn …” he cursed in shock and drop his gun immediately, he raise his fingers as directed the same time he heard a loud crash and thud behind him.

He turned swiftly only to see another officer behind him taking out another officer.

“We need to go now” Steve said in a stern voice.


To be continued ….









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