His Nagging Wife

His Nagging Wife – Episode 9

My pastor is my God

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( my pastor is my God)

True life story.

Aishat kemisola short story series.

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 9

Authoress P.o.v

who drop this letter on my table Samuel asked his secretary.

Mr Chris sir. the secretary replied. wow so Chris really mean this, this is interesting. I just discovered my friend didn’t love me,

is this the right time for Chris to resign. Chris resign when my marriage is just few days left, who will be my best man.

now Samuel said and those some thinking. hmm I think I will use my staffs Samuel said to hiself.


honey hope you haven’t forgotten the money I asked from you Cath asked samuel. which money is that again.

Cath we have almost spent half of my money just because of marriage.

please I promise I won’t asked for any money apart from this Cath said fine how much is it Samuel asked.

five hundred thousand for my makeup. what five hundred thousand just for makeup Samuel asked.

yes is it too small Cath asked. no is too much Samuel replied. isn’t too much now,

you knew am a big girl and you’re rich I need to makes haters see you’re talking good care of me Cath said.

fine I will transfer the money to your account Samuel replied.

thank you, you’re a darling Cath replied happily.

and one more thing your fashion house is ready you will open it after our marriage Samuel said thank you very much Cath said happily.

and one more thing father called me that you haven’t been going to church her friend asked. do I need to go to church again.

after all God has done what am looking for, for me I don’t need to go to church again Cath said.

Cath you’re getting it wrong that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to church.

you can be going once in a while her friend said.

fine I will go with my husband on Sunday for thanks giving Cath said. that’s nice her friend replied.


congratulations girlfriend you’re now a Mrs Cath friend said happily yes oo am now a Mrs.

we conquer our enemies at last Cath said happily. it’s getting late won’t you prepare food for your husband Cath friend asked.

food you knew I can’t cook, and if I can cook I don’t like stressing myself.

and that idiot has sent the maid away saying my food is sweet,

but he didn’t knew I don’t cook the foods he eat. what will you do now should I help you to cook her friend asked.

don’t bother yourself he will drink tea when he comes back Cath said.


ma’am Mr Charles is waiting for you outside. Charles don’t keep him waiting let him in happiness replied.

so who did you think is suitable for is to award the contract to happiness asked her manager. Maam.

they’re all good to go, but Mr Samuel John is more qualified her manager replied.

don’t worry we will talk about it later happiness said and stand up.

how are you and my baby doing Charles asked happiness am doing good and the baby is doing well happiness replied.

I came to take you and the baby out Charles said.

oh that’s nice of you cause am really hungry happiness said. who told you am buying food for you Charles said.

oh you’re so mean happiness said and started crying. of f**k Charles curse pregnancy humor again.

am sorry am only joking with you Charles said. I will buy you plenty and delicious food Charles said.

are you sure happiness said cleaning her tears with the back of her hand.

yes am sure let go Charles said and carry her bag for her.


why are you looking at me like that happiness asked Charles. just leave me let me enjoy the view Charles said.

huh you mean am ugly happiness asked. oh I didn’t say that,

you’re looking more beautiful with your baby bump. you are the most beautiful pregnant lady I have seen Charles said. areo you sure,

hope you’re not trying to insult me happiness asked. why will I do that Charles asked happiness.

I want to Asked you a question. Samuel is among those people that want me to award the contract to them.

and he is the only quality person among them. what did you think I should do happiness asked.

didn’t he knew the company is your father own Charles asked.

no he don’t happiness replied. I will advise you to follow your heart Charles said. enough of Samuel let talk about us Samuel said.

Do you think Happiness should give Samuel the contract.

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