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“Her future”{he is involved}

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“Her future”
{he is involved}
Chapter 1
summer pov»
summer wake up ur late for school, my mother said but i was still sleepy then, she shouted summer it’s 8:30 in morning and that wen all the drowsiness am feeling vanished from my eyes. I ran into the bathroom and took a 2mins bath i hurried out and picked my uniform and wore it,i took my bag and rushed downstairs, stop running summer you will fall down the stairs my father said.i ingnored him and kept running, i reached downstairs and wnt to the dinning and took some humbuger and ran out straight into the car not without uttering a gd morning to the driver.we were still on the road when the driver stoped the car,he honked the horn but the road was still blocked he came down and went and have a look and he came back and said,
mamam i think it better for you to go home because i dont think we will be able to pass this crowd. But what is the problem, they said the young man stole from a shop owner and the item is wat three hundred dollar.


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