Eyes Of Blood

Eyes Of Blood – Episode 4

She's a confessor, oops she's all in one, she's wanted

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( She’s a confessor, oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 4.

Writer p o.v

Mr Johnson why did you reject our offer one of the men that came to give Mr Johnson contract asked.

I just don’t feel like doing business with you Mr Johnson said politely.

But that’s bad you have assure us that you’re going to accept the contract why the sudden change another man asked.

Am the one that said I will accept and am the one that said I won’t accept did you have any problem with that. If I don’t accept it my lose right Mr Johnson asked.

Yes it a very big lose to you another one said. I like it like that Mr Johnson said with a smirk.

If you’re thinking the money is small we can add more money they said.

I don’t need your money you guys should go out Mr Johnson yelled and they stand up with fright.

Did he knows about our plans one of the men asked. I don’t know, what do we tell the boss now,

that we are incompetent I don’t want anything to happen to my family cause the boss is very dangerous another man said.

Let look for a way out they said and went out. Mr Johnson sat near the CCTV footage and play the record,

so this people are here to dump me, but who’s this there boss Mr Johnson asked himself.

Jane house

Jane you’re back how are you doing Mrs Clara asked feeling pain,

am fine mother I bought my friend she will treat you Jane said, is she a doctor’s Mrs Clara asked.

Nope mother am not a doctor but I have healing power Ashley replied.

Just relax you will be okay in the next few minutes Ashley said. Get me a bowl of water Ashley said and jane rushed into the kitchen to bring the water.

Ashley did some things in the water and asked Mrs Clara to drink it.

You mean I will be alright if I drink this water Mrs Clara asked not sure.

Yes mother drink it with faith and it shall work for you Ashley said. Mrs Clara drank the water and fell asleep immediately.

What Happen to her jane asked panicking. Relax she will open her eyes in the next 5 minutes Ashley said.

Five minutes later Mrs Clara open her eyes, she was surprised, she’s not feeling any pain in her body again.

Oh thank you my daughter you did it Mrs Clara said happily.

No I didn’t do it God did it, and you also help me by drinking the water with faith that you will be alright Ashley said. Jane I will get going Ashley said.

So fast wait so I can prepare dinner for you Mrs Clara said happily, no mother Maybe some other time Ashley said.

Alright make sure you come some other time I will be expecting you Mrs Clara said.

Darling Mr Johnson called happily, where’s my daughter Mr Johnson asked his wife.

She’s not back from school and am worried, her principal report her to me earlier and I asked him to punish her Mrs Johnson said.

Don’t worry she will be back, she called and told me she won’t come back on time Mr Johnson said.

You know what Ashley told me this morning is true.

those people came to dump me Mr Johnson told his wife, really how did you know Mrs Johnson asked and Mr Johnson explained everything to her.

But who did you think send them Mrs Johnson asked.

I don’t know maybe we should asked Ashley when she comes back Mr Johnson said.

I don’t know either Ashley replied. Good evening mom and dad Ashley greet.

Evening my princess, you mean you don’t know the person Mr Johnson asked to be sure.

Yes father I don’t know, the only advice I will give to you is to be careful cause that person is coming back for you.

Ashley said. Go inside and freshing up your dinner is in the dinning Mrs Johnson said.

Somewhere in America.

My king, is this how we will be looking till those people take over the throne, one of the elders said.

Nope I don’t know what I can do my mother is also sick,

she need treatment and it only the healer that can treat her the king said. Healer hope the healer is not who we are looking for one of the elders asked.

Yes she’s the one but I don’t know how we can get her the king said. My king am sure if you think well you will know how to find her.

We don’t want other kingdom to take over one of the elders said.

Alright you guys can go home I will see what I can do. Their alpha said.

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