Eyes Of Blood

Eyes Of Blood – Episode 20

She's a confessor oops she's all in one, she's wanted

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( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)

Don’t copy of repost

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 20.


What did you guys talk about Ashley asked looking everywhere,

I hope it not what am thinking Jane said smiling. What are you thinking, you’re such a bad girl Ashley said.

Thank you ma, but your room it very beautiful Jane said looking around. Really Ashley asked her yes babe.

And I really love your lifestyle cause I never knew you are from a rich home till today Jane said.

Yeah dont you know empty barren makes the loudest noise Ashley said.

My princess come down for dinner with your friends Mr Johnson shouted.

Hey I hope you aren’t eating dinner with us, it time for you to go home Ashley said to king stoner.

Am not going anywhere your father said friends not friend. So am eating dinner with you king stoner said. Fine let go Ashley said.

Hope you are enjoying the food Mrs Johnson asked king stoner and Jane.

It very delicious, you are the best cook I have ever seen king stoner said.

Am flattered, your girlfriend have never recommend my cooking Mrs Johnson said and Ashley fake acough.

Sorry baby drink some water Mr Johnson said and pass a cup of water to her thanks Dad Ashley said. Mum table manner Please Ashley said.

I think I can talk now since we are done with food Mrs Johnson asked.

Yeah my darling go ahead Mr Johnson said. So how long have you guys been dating Mrs Johnson asked.

But mum Ashley said. Ashley let him talk now, we see the chemistry between you two Mrs Johnson said.

King stoner smile, actually we have been dating for the past few weeks now king stoner said.

What Ashley said and gave king stoner the look of you are dead. So you guys are dating and you don’t tell me your best friend Jane said. If look can kill,

king stoner and Jane will be dead by now, due to the killer look Ashley is giving them.

You guys will make a perfect couple Mr Johnson said. Honey let leave the two love birds to discuss Mr Johnson said.

Dad I need to see you and mum for something important Ashley said. Alright we will be waiting for you in our room Mr Johnson said and left with his wife.

What’s the meaning of that Ashley face king stoner immediately her parents left. Meaning of what king stoner asked.

Why did you tell them we’re dating when we aren’t Ashley asked. But I didn’t lie to me we are dating king stoner said.

Oh Ashley said and move closer to him, she kick him in the place were son doesn’t rise ( his D***) huh how did you expect is to give birth if you destroy my D*** with your leg king stoner asked.

Ashley am staying with you tonight, I am not going back home. House will be boring Jane said.

It alright you’re free to stay. Stoner you have over stay your welcome is time to go Ashley tell king stoner.

And did I tell you am tired of this place king stoner asked her. Don’t try me stoner Ashley said.

Fine I will go back home king stoner said but he disappear to her room instead. Jane go inside my room and change your clothes, check inside my wardrobe and take any pyjamas of your choice,

I will be right back Ashley said and went into her parents room.


Mum, dad am going on a mission Ashley said. Mission, where how Mr Johnson asked.

Dad relax I will come back. Am going on a mission to save life’s Ashley said.

Where are you going to for this mission of yours Mr Johnson asked. America dad Ashley said.

But that place is far, you Know I can’t do without you Mr Johnson said. Dad you will be fine without me Ashley said.

Hope it not what am thinking, why America of all places Mrs Johnson said. Mum it not what you’re thinking,

actually am going with stoner Ashley said. Oh your boyfriend, his he from America Mr Johnson asked his daughter. Yes dad Ashley replied.

I trust you my princess, Please be safe for us Mr Johnson said. I will be going a day after tomorrow Ashley said.

So fast Mrs Johnson asked. Yes I need to go fast before the bad people take over their kingdom Ashley said.

And you’re just telling us Mrs Johnson asked. Am sorry mum, I promise you, I will be fine and you guys will also be fine Ashley said.


What’s our next move I heard stoner and Ashley will be coming back a day after tomorrow what should will do one of the elders asked their king.

We need to distract them king Lucas said. Are you sure we will be able to distract them, another elder asked. Just keep quiet why are you all so dull.

I have everything in place, you guys should just sit and watch, they won’t get here successful king Lucas said.

**************** Mr Johnson relatives.

Let look for a perfect plan to attach Johnson, his he the only one, he thinks he can be the only rich one in the family the oldest among them said.

It true he brags alot another said. But Johnson haven’t done anything bad to us, he is always there for us.

I think. Out of this game another family Joe said. You’re such a coward, don’t worry we will kill you guys with him we promised you the rest of the family chorused,

but Joe ignore them and left there premises. What did you guys think we can do to them the oldest among them asked. I have an idea the woman Among them said.

Bring it on they chorus. She move closer to them one after the other and whisper something to there ear, they all smile in satisfaction.

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