Eyes Of Blood

Eyes Of Blood – Episode 19

She's a confessor oops she's all in one, she's wanted

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( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 19.


I never knew my husband is a murderer Mrs James said. I am not a murderer they forced me to do it Mr James said.

Just keep quiet, can you hear yourself they forced you and you agree your blood brother for crying out loud Mrs James yelled.

Before you ruin me and our son with your greediness am leaving for you Mrs James said. Honey it’s not up to that I said am sorry Mr James said.

Am not the one you offend if you can go and tell your brother you’re sorry and he forgive you, I won’t leave Mrs James said. Is that all Mr James replied her.

No you need to call those who sent you, tell them you’re not interested again Mrs James said. Anything for you Mr James said.

Mr James sat down with the other families members. He narrate what happen to them.

Oh don’t tell me you’re a coward, you’re backing off because of a girl, the girl that’s old enough to be your daughter one of them said.

She’s old enough to be my daughter or what did you just say. Anyway am not backing off because of her,

but my brother hasn’t done anything wrong to me so you guys should count me out Mr James said and walked away.

You’re walking out of us how dare you the elder Among them said. We are coming for the two of you he said.

You can come for me and go Scott free but am sure if you go for Johnson you all will be a dead meat Mr James said. James watched your back they chorus.


Jane are you going with us or you will wait for you ride Ashley asked her. I will go with you to your house today,

mum travel no one to stay with and house will be very boring Jane said.

No problem my daughter you can come with us Mr Johnson said. Thank you sir, hmm sorry dad jane replied.

You are welcome Mr Johnson replied. So princess where’s your result Mr Johnson asked.

Right here Ashley said and brought it out of her bag. Wow my princess have made my proud again Mr Johnson said.

She has always been making us proud the driver said. Yes o Mr Johnson replied. Jane was surprised how they interact with their driver.

Hey mum what’s up, Ashley greet her mother, am good where’s your result hope you top the class Mrs Johnson.

asked. Common mum you don’t trust me Ashley asked.

I do it just that you have been distracted this days Mrs Johnson said. Good evening ma’am Jane greet Mrs Johnson.

Good evening my dear how are you and your parents Mrs Johnson greet. They’re fine ma jane replied.

Mum, dad said someone is waiting for me where’s he Ashley asked. How did you know is a he Mrs Johnson asked.

Dad told me Ashley replied. He is in your room go and check him there Mrs Johnson said. But why, why did you allow him in my room Ashley asked.

We thought he is your boyfriend, he is a very handsome guy Mrs Johnson said smiling.

But mom how could you Ashley said. Don’t keep him waiting princess Mr Johnson said and Ashley storm to her room.

She was surprised to see king stoner operating phone on her bed.

You again Ashley asked. I will take that as greeting king stoner said smiling.

And what’s making you to smile Ashley asked. By the way your parents are lovely, I introduce myself as your boyfriend king stoner said.

How dare you Ashley said and throw pillow at him. You guys have forgotten am here Jane said.

Aww Jane how are you doing today king stoner asked. Am fine but why don’t you come to school today Jane asked. nothing king stoner replied.

Jane can you please excuse us for a moment I need to discuss something with Ashley king stoner said.

Alright you guys should make sure you use protection Jane said. What Ashley shouted and Jane ran out laughing.


Why are you here Ashley asked. We are done with the exams, and am sure you have seen your results.

I need to go back home, mother health is not getting any better king stoner said. Oh I promise you and I haven’t forget. But the problem is I haven’t tell my parents.

I don’t know how they will feel ASHLEY Said. You need to tell them please, we really need you in our kingdom king stoner said.

And my parents also need me Ashley replied. You have to help us please I don’t want my mother to die king stoner said. Fine I will tell them tonight,

I pray they agree Ashley said. Let me go and call Jane to come inside before she start thinking we are doing another thing cause her mind is corrupt Ashley said.

But we can quickly go a round before she comes king stoner said smiling.

You’re stupid, you wanna do quicken with that broom under you Ashley said. And this broom will make you scream your log out one day king stoner said pointing to his D***.

You wish Ashley replied him. Let me hold my thing well before it turn broom as you said king stoner said holding his D*** with his hands.

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