Eyes Of Blood

Eyes Of Blood – Episode 18

She's a confessor oops she's all in one, she's wanted

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( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star and)

Episode 18.


Thank you my darling you’re the best thing that has ever happen to me Mr Johnson said.

You’re welcome daddy I will be right back Ashley said standing up from the office table.

The next minute she’s in Mr James living room.

James there’s still time for you to tell me those people that sent you cause this one you’re not the only one Ashley said.

How how did you get here Mr James stammer.

That hasn’t answered my question, if you still need your son alive,

cause I can bring him back to life cause he’s innocent Ashley said.

Just killed me and leave my son out of this James said crying,

if you don’t tell me in the next few minutes your son will be gone am sure he’s still breathing Ashley said.

Honey what’s she talking about Mrs James asked. And you, you don’t talk to my husband in that manner.

Oh sorry Mrs wife you better warn your husband to tell me the truth,

or else your son will be gone Ashley and pointing too there lifeless son on the ground. And how did you know my son will soon die Mrs James asked.

Am sure you don’t love your son cause if you, you won’t be asking me questions,

you will persuade your husband to tell me the truth Ashley said with her leg cross. What effrontary Mrs James yelled.

Relax don’t kill yourself before your time Ashley said.

Honey me and the other families are trying to kill my elder brother Johnson mr James said.

What!!! Mrs James yelled, but why she asked, because of his properties Mr James said.

Oh my daughter am very sorry, Please do something nothing most happen to my son Mrs James said crying.

You mean the entire families Ashley said ignoring Mrs James pledge.

Will it be nice if I kill the entire families because of my family Ashley asked facing Mrs James.

No my daughter but please, you don’t have to show us how big you’re Mrs James said.

Fine your son didn’t offend me so I came here to heal him Ashley said and stood up from the chair,

she move closer to their son, she touch his chest and bring out the bullet. Thank you very much Mrs James said.

James tell the entire families that sent you to stay away from my family or else I will deal with you all, and I won’t spare any of you Ashley said going out.

You mean it your family that sent those people to come and dump you Mrs Johnson Asked her husband.

Yes James almost killed me today all thanks to my lovely daughter Mr Johnson said.

Ashley what happen to her Mrs Johnson asked.

Nothing happens to her but am sure James son would have been a dead man by now, though I pity the innocent son but his father caused it Mr Johnson said.

Ah Ashley shouldn’t have done that, we don’t pay evil with evil Mrs Johnson said. Mum you mean I should leave him to kill me Ashley said from the door.

No my dear my sure he can’t kill you, but you shouldn’t have killed his innocent son Mrs Johnson said.

but he wanted to kill me Ashley said. And you’re not died my daughter Mrs Johnson said. My dear it an eyes for an eyes Mr Johnson said. Yes now an eye for an eye Ashley also said.

Moreover he is not dead I went to save him I am not that cruel Ashley said and went to her room.

A month later.

Ashley have you checked your result. The results are out Jane asked her friend,

nope have you checked yours what’s your score, all thanks to you I am able to come out 4th in the class Jane said.

That’s nice Ashley said and went to check hers. I passed, I scored all she said not feeling surprised.

Yeah you’re a genius Jane said. Then a naughty smile crept into her face, let check Jenny result Ashley said.

But why Jane asked. You know that girl haven’t stop being on my neck I just want to pay her back in her own coins Ashley said and jane smile. Where’s stoner has he checked his Ashley asked.

No I haven’t seen him in school today Jane replied. Oh see stoner own, you only passed him with five points Jane said.

He is also a genius, but that doesn’t mean I wont tease him when he comes.

Here is Jenny result Jane said showing her Janny results. Aww the school bully, the richest babe in school is a dullard Ashley said with a smirk.

That girl doesn’t know my dad can buy her entire generation. She thinks is by driving bug big cars Ashley said.

Jenny was in the midst of the students showing off her new ride as usual. Jenny Ashley called with a smile. Why are you calling me did you need a ride Jenny said.

But sorry to disappoint you I can’t carry you in this car cause I don’t like poor sitting in my car Jenny said. Oh am not here for your car. I just came to show you your result, I must recommend you, you really tried.

Like who score 20 over 100 Ashley said and the students burst into laughter. You don’t mean it one of the students asked. Yeah this is it Ashley said showing off the results.

Hey babe that man is looking at you did you know him Jane said. Oh my dad what’s he doing here Ashley said. Oh my God see that car am sure he will be very rich cause that car cost a lot of Fortune Jane said.

And the rest of the students look towards the direction of the car. Wow so her parents is very rich the students said. Oh maybe his boss sent him with the car Jenny that just found her voice said.

You still have the gut to talk the students asked her. You people should leave her, am always your boss actually your dad is my dad P.A your dad works in J and A company right Ashley asked.

Yes but how did you know Jenny asked. That’s because J and A is my dad dummy. The J stands for Johnson and the A is Ashley,

go home and asked your father Ashley said and walked to the car where her father is waiting for her with Jane. Jenny was speechless. Good evening my princess Mr Johnson greet his daughter,

evening dad, but why did you come here Ashley asked. I came to pick my lovely daughter from school Mr Johnson said smiling. Thanks Dad you’re the best.

Meet my best friend dad she’s Jane Ashley said.

Wow my daughter bestie how are you doing Mr Johnson greet jane. Am doing great sir Jane said smiling.

You can call me dad cause my princess friends is also my daughter Mr Johnson said.

A guy is waiting for you in the house Mr Johnson said.

A guy Ashley asked. What’s his name Ashley asked her. He refused to tell us his name Mr Johnson said.

And you allow him I’m Ashley asked. Am sure we are save since we have you Mr Johnson said.

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