Eyes Of Blood

Eyes Of Blood – Episode 17

She's a confessor oops she's all in one, she's wanted

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( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 17


Big girl like you can’t even take care of yourself, it a Shame that you can’t rock your natural hair. Look at who you’re competting with, she’s always natural,

go and find something to do to your hair cause it stink king stoner said.

Jenny pick her wig on the ground and ran away in shame you will all pay for this she said.

Ashley burst into laughter she hasn’t learnt her lesson she said. You’re such a cute devil king stoner said.

And this devil doesn’t look for trouble and tell those people not to trouble me again Ashley said. Anna long time Ashley greet, don’t greet me please, before you killed me as you kill my mother Anna said.

Common we have been friends for the past three years and you Know me well I can’t kill your mother,

I only tell you what I saw Ashley said. You shouldn’t have say it Ashley said.

I told you so that you people can tell her Ashley said. Am sorry for getting angry on you Anna said hugging her. Am happy my best and partner in crime is back Ashley said.

Am still here King stoner said. Oh Ashley where did you see this handsome guy, or is it what am thinking Anna said.

You so naughty, isn’t what am thinking he’s only a friend Ashley said.

Then matchmake us Anna said. You must be joking Ashley Asked her. No I mean it Anna said with a smirk.

He is not available, he is not someone you can date Ashley said. Don’t tell me you are jealous king stoner said with a smile plaster on his face. Your wish Ashley said with an eyeroll.

So Anna how’s Bryan Ashley asked, Bryan is not fine, he has been shouting your name since you confess him.

He is not hiself again Anna said sadly. Am very sorry to that, he should have ran away from me, you all knew my anger isn’t good Ashley said.

But don’t worry bring him to me tommorow he will be fine Ashley said. Are you for real Anna asked happily. Yes you know I don’t lie Ashley said.

I can smell trouble Ashley said. Trouble from where, you have started again Anna said.

Relax isn’t about you my father is in trouble Ashley said. I will be right back Ashley said running she doesn’t want to disappear in the presence of Anna.

Wait up let me go with you king stoner shout after her. No don’t worry I will handle it myself Ashley said still running.

She’s weird I still love her as a friend Anna said and walk to were she packed her car.

Ashley get to a corner and perform some magic, she disappear immediately to her father office. She met her uncle pointing gun on her father head.

Sign this document right now or I will blow your skull her uncle said. Enough of this drama Ashley said sitting on the office table with her leg cross.

Mr Johnson breath put when he saw her daughter. And how did you get here her uncle asked her, you don’t asked me that fool.

Did you just call me a fool her uncle asked. Yes what will you do to me. Look here am not here for child play I have some books to read.

I knew you aren’t alone in this I just need you to tell me, the other families you plan this with Ashley said.

How dare you question my authority the uncle yelled.

James you better relax before you lose your life Mr Johnson said with a smirk. Even though he relax he will still die,

I just don’t want him to die alone cause he’s not alone in this Ashley said smiling.

What did you guys think you are doing, you aren’t even afraid I can kill you guys right now James said pointing is gun at Ashley.

Oh pull that trigger and you will be surprised to meet your only son corpse in the house Ashley said. I can’t be afraid of you never Mr James said and pull the trigger.

Mr Johnson was afraid Please Don’t but is too late cause he have pull the trigger.

Ashley burst into laughter call your wife am sure your son is dead in the house Ashley said still laughing. Mr James was surprised.

He ran out of the office and Mr Johnson burst into laughter.

Thank you my daughter you’re the best thing that happens to me Mr Johnson said.

Dad what punishment did you think is suitable for him Ashley asked. Let leave him for now, Mr Johnson said.

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