Eyes Of Blood

Eyes Of Blood – Episode 16

She's a confessor oops she's all in one, she's wanted

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( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 16.


The principal was surprised to see a female cloth on his table. What how did this get here the principal asked looking out of the window maybe he will see traces of anyone.

The teacher on the other hand was waiting patiently for king stoner to come back. That’s bad king stoner said. It’s not bad at all, she deserves it, how can a teacher seduce her student is that what they employ her for.

I hate bad thing and I will never support it Ashley said.

Fine what’s your next move king stoner asked her.

Am going to the principal office to explain to him, am sure he will bothered on how the cloth got there Ashley said.

But you will have to return her cloth, you don’t want her to go naked or did you want that king stoner said.

Yeah she will go home naked that will serve as a lesson to others teachers that behave or planning to behave like her Ashley said.


Good afternoon sir Ashley and king stoner greet the principal. Thank God you are here there’s a big problem the principal said fearfully.

Problem as how Ashley asked. I don’t know how this clothes get here the principal said.

Ashley mouthed an oh. You don’t need to be worried I brought the clothes Ashley said.

How come when did you enter my office and what should I do with female wears the principal asked surprised. That’s teacher caro cloth Ashley said.

But how did it get here the principal asked. I caught her trying to seduce a student Ashley said.

What caro trying to seduce a student, what rubbish the principal yelled, were is she the principal asked.

She’s in her office Ashley replied. Take me there the principal said.

Baby you’re finally back I thought you are not coming again teacher caro said when she hear the sound of the door. She turn around and was surprised to see the principal.

Oh my goodness she said looking for her clothes. Clara why are you naked the principal asked.

I can explain is not what you think teacher Caro said.

Yeah am waiting for your explanation the principal said. Eem actually it wasn’t intentional teacher Caro said.

I can see it not intentional, but you’re fired the principal said Angrily.

No sir it hasn’t gotten to that, I told you so you can caution, this work is her only means of survival Ashley said. So what did you what me to do Ashley,

I will do anything for you cause you have helped me a lot of time the principal said.

Don’t sack her let her be am sure she have learnt her lesson Ashley said.

Fine but if you try something like this again consider yourself fired the principal said and walked out.

This is not actually your first time am sure you have learnt your lessons Ashley said. Yes thank you for saving my work.

Actually you don’t need to thank me cause am the one that report you Ashley said. It doesn’t matter you still save me teacher Caro said.

But how will I get my clothes I can’t go home like this teacher caro said biting her nails. No problem let me go and bring it Ashley said and went out.


This thing is too cold I can’t lick it king stoner said. Ah you’re too local what planet are you from Ashley asked him.

Our world is very big and beautiful than this place king stoner said.

Huh but you guys are too local and weird there Ashley said. As if you’re not weird too king stoner said and scoff. Look who we have here Jenny said coming down from a car.

What’s a low life like you doing here Jenny said showing off her car key. Hey stoner let go Ashley said. Not too fast darling Jenny said blocking her way.

You’re chewing more than you can bite let me go this minute Ashley said. There’s nothing you can do to me Jenny said.

Jenny what’s the color of your problem king stoner asked her. It pure red cause am in love with you I don’t want to see you with this riffraff again Jenny said. Let me go this minute Ashley said still sounding calm.

You go no where until you promised me you will stay away from him.

Am the queen of the school before you bring your miserable life to school Jenny said.

Ashley use her hand to pull off Jenny wig and everyone started laughing.

Wow big girl that can’t even take care of her hair your hair stink Ashley said and went out with king stoner.

Madam can you move this way please, our customers can’t be seeing you with this kind of dirty hair the ice cream seller said.

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