Eyes Of Blood

Eyes Of Blood – Episode 14

She's a confessor oops she's all in one, she's wanted

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( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 14.


Your majesty just kill me, Rita said. Rita am noy killing you, you need to go, you’re a female she won’t suspect you if you play your game well she’s a very Friendly person king Lucas said.

Your highness if she kill me my dead body will be on your head Rita said.

Will you keep quiet what gave you the right to insult me like that, king Lucas yelled.

Your majesty you don’t need to shout because of your leg on of the elders said.

Rita go in and pack your bags, you’re going to Korea this night king Lucas said.

Mother, you told me you are once part of that evil people Ashley asked her mother.

Yes my daughter, but you don’t have any other power apart from being a confessor Ashley asked again.

Yeah I am only a confessor. My dad is a very powerful person like you but he misused it, just because he was born he the evil kingdom.

Yeah my father is a very powerful person back then. People fear him a lot,

that’s why they made him the king. Then dad fell in love with my mother , my mother is not evil,

she’s from the other kingdom a very powerful confessor. So mum succeeded in changing my father to a good person.

But the evil People start war with my father they asked him to leave the throne because he’s now soft. But father refuse.

They killed father when am just 5years and chance my mother away from the village.

It the evil people that train me that’s why I started doing evil like them.

Mum come back to take me when am 24 years. That’s when I met your father Mrs Johnson narrate.

Oh no wonder that’s why the evil one can detect me Ashley said.

Just be careful does people are cunning and dangerous Ashley stay away from them Ashley mother said.

Mother I will stay away from them only if they stay away from me Ashley said. Go and sleep tommorow is another day Ashley mother said.


Hey girlfriend you came early Today Jane said.

Yes I don’t want to be a late comer and more over exam is around the corner Ashley said. That’s true Jane said.

Hello class we have a new student in our midst. Hey come outside and introduce yourself the principal said.

Hi class am Rita James am your new class mate Rita said and Ashley scoff.

Why did you scoff Jane asked, it nothing Ashley replied.

You can go to your sit the teacher said and Rita went to sit down near Ashley and Jane.

And what are you doing here Ashley asked her. Am sorry Rita said standing up.

No problem you can sit Jane said. Why did you ask her to sit Ashley asked. She mean to harm right or do you Jane asked her.

No Rita said shaking. Jane and co you people should stop disturbing my class the teacher warn.


Hi Rita said to Ashley, and what did you want from me Ashley asked.

Am sure you will have know who I am cause you’re very powerful. I just wanna tell you I mean no harm.

I have been looking for a way to leave that kingdom before. I can be of help to you.

They asked me to spy on you but am not here for that, am here to start a new life Rita said. Are you done Ashley asked.

Yes Rita replied. If you don’t want trouble just stay on your lane okay Ashley said and head home.

In the night Ashley sat down on her bed thinking about what king stoner told her. Huh they need my help on there kingdom. I don’t want to involve myself in any fight.

But I need to save his mother, cause that’s what the almighty sent me.

How will I heal her without them knowing am the person they’re looking for Ashley thought.

So you are the healer am looking for king stoner asked. Ashley was shocked.

How how, did you get here Ashley stammer leave how I get here and replied my question king stoner said. How did you know Ashley asked.

You forget to block your thought this time king stoner said.

What will happen next…

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