Eyes Of Blood

Eyes Of Blood – Episode 13

She's a confessor oops she's all in one, she's wanted

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( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 13


Oh am scared Ashley said, don’t try me young lady, this lady is dead already. Too you she’s dead to me she is still alive.

Just leave and let me do what God sent me Ashley said. And did God sent you to heal does who I punished king Lucas yelled.

Ashley principal which go by the name cole was shaking were he stand. Sir can you please do me a favor, carry Alexandra to the room.

You guys should lock yourself till I call for you, let me deal with this old for nothing fool Ashley said.

Alright Mr Cole said and went into one of his room with Alexandra.

See I will heal her and there’s nothing you can do to it Ashley said. Lucas raised up his hand and command fire, the fire hit Ashley hand and she wince in pain.

I told you to leave the girl you will only hurt yourself and I don’t want you dead now, I still need you king Lucas said.

Ashley burst into laughter and you think that small thing you perform will affect me Ashley said.

It seems you’re stronger than I thought king Lucas said and raise his hand again to perform another magic.

Perform anything there I promise you that hand won’t be useful to you again Ashley said,

king Lucas brought down his hand immediately. Can you see am your boss now Ashley said.

Never you can never be my boss king Lucas said and kick Ashley in her stomach.

Huch Ashley shout in pain, but it doesn’t took long before the pain disappear, it seems you want me do what I don’t want to Ashley said. And hold her head.

She scream and the building started shaking. Oh no king Lucas shouted and fall on his knees.

Mr Cole was more than afraid were he is, why is the building shaking he thought.

He wanted to go out and check. Before he remember Ashley instruction.

King Lucas hold the ground and disappear. Ashley. Ashley open her eyes and smile.

He should have wait now. Ashley said and heard to the room to heal Alexandra.

Open up sir it me Ashley, Ashley said and the principal open the door immediately.

Is he gone the principal asked. We don’t have a problem with him anymore.

Ashley said and gave Alexandra the water. And she started coughing. Look she’s coughing none stop,

are you sure she will be okay the principal asked. Don’t you trust me she will be fine Ashley said.

Ashley rub her back gentle and she stop coughing.

Alexandra stand up on her feet and started jumping. Dad I can jump Alexandra said happily.

Oh my daughter can talk well, all thanks to you Ashley. If not for you I will loose my only daughter the principal said happily.

All thanks to the creator that gave me the power Ashley said. All thanks to you that use it well the principal said.

Alexandra hug her father happily she disengage from the hug and hug Ashley tightly to herself.

I can’t breathe Ashley said between laughter am sorry am so happy, thank you very much.

I have learnt my lesson in the hard way Alexandra said. Your arm let get it treated Alexandra said.

Don’t worry about my about my arm I will be okay Ashley said. I can drive you to the hospital Mr Cole, Ashley principal said. Don’t worry, I will get going Ashley said.


Oh my God Ashley what happen to your arm did you get into an accident her mother shouted.

Mother lower your voice I don’t want father to see me like this Ashley said.

What happen to your arm she said. I get into a fight with king Lucas Ashley said.

What hope he doesn’t hurt you much and what did you do to him, hope you also hurt him Ashley mother said.

Mother trust me he won’t be able to walk with his leg for 2weeks with his leg Ashley said.

Oh that’s good for him Mrs Johnson said. And who’s Lucas Mr Johnson asked.

He is a nobody, just someone that cross my part Ashley said. Is he the one that hurt you like this,

give me his home address I need to arrest him for doing this to you Mr Johnson said angrily. Calm down dad he’s not someone you can arrest.

Am sure you heard what I did to him. I will be fine all I need now is a cool bath Ashley said.


Your highness you mean that girl hurt you like this one of the elders asked king Lucas.

But why did you run away from her another one said. Are you crazy did you want her to kill me,

don’t you Know that, does who fight and ran away leave to fight for another day king Lucas said.

But I will so deal with that b***h if I get hold of her.

Just get me a wheelchair king Lucas yelled. Wheelchair the elders chorus.

Have it gotten to that another said. I need to send another spy to her school a female this time around king Lucas said.

Get me Rita king Lucas said. Rita you will be going to Korea to spy on Ashley.

Eeh Ashley the girl that did you like this am sorry your highness I can’t go Rita said. Rita are you stupid,

why are you behaving like a coward king Lucas yelled. Your majesty is better you kill me yourself Rita said.

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