Eyes Of Blood

Eyes Of Blood- Episode 11

She's a confessor oops she's all in one, she's wanted

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( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)

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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 11.


Mrs Johnson enter her office and met Lucas sitting comfortable on her office chair.

Lucas what are you doing here, Mrs Johnson question angrily.

Relax Stella I didn’t come for any harm king Lucas said. What did you come for then Mrs Johnson asked.

I came to give you the last warning, bring your daughter to us willingly or else. Or else what Lucas.

How did you even Know my daughter is the healer and the powerful person you are looking for Mrs Johnson asked.

Are you asking me that, you’re one of us Stella king Lucas said. And so that was then Mrs Johnson said.

That’s then, have you forgotten how many lives you took away with your power, did you know how many people you render useless king Lucas asked.

That’s in the past and I regret doing that then, so my daughter is not one of you Mrs Johnson said.

Stella I have been monitoring you since your mother took you away from our kingdom, I knew you gave birth to a powerful child.

We have help you in the past, this is the time to help us king Lucas said.

Lucas you know what, go and meet her yourself if she accept to help you fine.

But I won’t force my daughter to help you Mrs Johnson said.

Stella am sure your husband don’t know about your past, if you refuse to help us,

I will expose you to your husband Lucas said. You can do anything you want,

but I won’t force my daughter to do what I knew is bad Mrs Johnson said.


Ashley place a knock on the principal door come in the principal said and she went in. Good afternoon sir Ashley greet.

Afternoon dear, report came to me that you came late today,

why did you came late the principal asked. Am sorry sir I have to attend to something Ashley said.

Something like what, can I know about it the principal asked. Isn’t something I can tell you sir she replied.

Fine have your sit I need a favor from you the principal said.

No sir let me stand like this, that will serve as a punishment for coming late Ashley said.

The principal smile you are so funny, you’re punishing yourself,

sit down cause if you don’t I won’t discuss with you again the principal said and Ashley sit down.

It about my daughter she has been sick since the past 3month and she’s not getting any better,

we have spent a lot of money, but she’s not still fine the principal said feeling sad. Oh am sorry for that, where’s she Ashley asked.

She’s in America the principal replied.

You need to bring her back home. Cause she only have few days left.

She has insult a very powerful person, and the person is punishing her for the offence,

make sure you bring her on time because to heal her isn’t something easy Ashley said.

Thank you my daughter she will be here by tommorow the principal said.

But sir your still need to punish me for coming late Ashley said and stand up.

Just go I will call you for your punishment later the principal said smiling.


Check maybe Leo have wake up king Lucas said. No your majesty she’s not up am not sure if the sleeping is ordinary,

I think that girl have done something to him the guy said.

Hmm use your power to bring him back here, let him come and continue his sleep here king Lucas said.

And your majesty the girl you punish, which of the girls king Lucas asked.

Alexandra your highness. What happen to her he asked.

Her father said they should bring her back home for treatment he said.

Just leave him, let him Carry her am sure he wants to waste his money cause she will be dead in the next 3days king Lucas said.


So where do we start from Ashley asked king stoner. Anywhere you feel like to show me first king stoner said.

U don’t really know the school environment well, am also a new student,

but let me call my friend Ashley said and went into the class to call Jane.


So what’s your mission here Ashley asked willing to know. Can I trust you king Lucas asked Ashley, sure you can.

But why can’t I read your mind king stoner asked.

I hardly think Ashley replied. Are you not a human being why won’t you think king stoner asked.

Am a human now Ashley replied. How old are you Ashley asked king stoner, am 26years.

26 years and you are still in the same class with me Ashley asked. Yeah I once told you am here for a mission king stoner said.

Hey handsome, the bully leader Jenny greet. Hi how may I help you king stoner asked.

Fine guy like you shouldn’t be seen with a girl as ugly as this Jenny said.

Are you here to insult me Ashley asked. Hey mind your business miss ugly I am not talking to you Jenny said.

So handsome am thinking if you can leave this ugly girl and come with me Jenny said.

Ashley wave her hand in the air and Jenny fall on her butt. Hush she said.

How did you fall is there banana peel in the floor king stoner asked laughing.

You Know why you fall, that’s because you lie alot,

how can you call a girl as beautiful like this ugly. She’s even beautiful than you are king stoner said.

Jenny stand up from the ground and walked away with shame.

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One Comment

  1. Jenny! the beautiful one
    u made me laugh sha, nice drama.
    Come to think of it Lucas is more or less a novice, he does'nt even understand d game he is playing ^_^ ….
    I keep ma fingers crossed!

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