Rock 'N' Roll Season 2

Rock’N’Roll – S2 Episode 14

Musical story

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Episode 14

Written by divine purpose


At the hospital, I was pacing around, Kelvin had come with the the cops earlier and his mother has been arrested

But I’m scared something might happen to Keith

Kelvin came out of the surgery room

“What of Keith? Is he okay? ” I asked and he looked at me, his eyes were red and swollen

“Emerald….. ” he suddenly burst into tears and I stumbled backward

“Why….. Why…….. Why…….are you…… Crying? ” I stammered

“What happened to Keith? ” I asked again

“Keith is…….” he paused and hesitated

“What happened to him? ”

He brought out a note from his pocket and handed it to me

“he told me to give this to u ” he said and I collected it with a trembling hand

“This was the only thing Keith left for you ” he said and tears dripped from my eyes

“The only thing he left? ” I sniffed back my tears and opened the note

‘Emerald, i wrote this letter with the last strength i had, perhaps I might be gone before you see this

You once asked me what my dream was, however I couldn’t give you an answer that day

My dream was to be with you and see you happy

Do you remember the first time we met? We hated each other and cursed each other, but it became strange when I started to fall for you

I don’t have the strength to write much but promise me you’ll be happy no matter what

Forget about me and live a new life

If fate really exist, we will meet in our next life’

I held the letter with a trembling hand

I ran inside and saw his body laid on the hospital bed

“Keith, please don’t go” I held his hand

“Keith, you are not dead right? You are just asleep right? Why aren’t you answering you fool ” I yelled out with tears


I packed all my clothes, books and everything i will need
“When are you coming back? ” mom asked

“I will be back, please wait for me ” I said and looked at my dad

As usual, he wasn’t looking at me

“Dad, I will miss you ” I said but he ignored me and walked inside the room

“Don’t mind him, you know your father is always like that ” she said and I hugged her

“I can’t believe son -in-law left you like that ” she caressed my hair

2 years later…………

After leaving my parents and everyone

I became a college student in a Art school

I found it very hard to give my heart to someone else, I’m afraid the person will leave me just like Keith Did

In 2 years, I failed 12 Auditions

“Emerald! ” Reyna and Wendy ran to me

We all ended up in the same college

“Good luck on your audition ” Wendy said and I nod

“Alright ” I faked a smile
“Hey, are you forcing yourself to smile? Have you forgotten Keith told you to be happy ” Reyna said

“You know, Keith won’t be happy if he sees you like this ” Wendy said

“Alright, I’m going for the audition, I will be back ”


I was already at that place, I sat down in a corner memorizing my song over and over again

I looked up and saw a guy and his friends laughing together

I didn’t see his face cause he was not looking through my direction

I continued what I was doing

“Hey ” I heard a very familiar voice

“Excuse me ” the voice said again and I looked up

I was shocked to the bone marrow as i stood up and stared at him

“Keith? ” I called and he looked around

“Who is Keith? ” he asked and I was confused

“Keith, what are you doing here? ” I asked and he smiled

“You must have mistaken me for someone else, my name is Fred, are you here for the audition too? ” he asked and my mouth opened with shock

“Fred? What nonsense are you saying, you are Keith, your name is Keith ” I yelled and I noticed everyone staring

“Are you yelling at me? ” he asked and his friends walked to us

“Who is she? ” one of them asked

“I don’t know her, but she kept on calling me Keith ” he replied

“But what are you doing here? ” I asked

“I’m here as a Rapper, what about you? ” he asked and I scoffed sadly

“You are a Rapper too, Keith was a Rapper too” I said and he sighed

“I’m not Keith, okay?” he said and turned to leave then he stopped again

“Can I have your phone? ” he asked and collected it before I Could say anything

He gave it back to me and I noticed it was his number

“Call me later tonight, you are totally my type ” he winked and walked away with his friends

What is going on?

Keith doesn’t have any friend but Fred has 7 friends

Keith doesn’t wink but Fred just winked at me

He is not Keith, maybe it’s just someone who looks like him


Keith was a Rapper and Fred is a Rapper too

Fred is Keith

He is definitely Keith

Keith is alive


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  1. The story is so nice its just bored me on part of Keith's death although I also have hope that he is still alive, I just pity poor Emerald

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