Pregnant For The CEO

Pregnant For The CEO – Episode 54

From a stripteaser to a wife

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Pregnant For The CEO
(From a stripteaser to a wife)
Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories.
Episode 54

Kimberly was resting her head on his back since Michael was facing the floor.
Bottles were scattered everywhere. Only Michael was asleep.

“F*ck! Kimberly!”

He ran into the room and knelt down to carry Kimberly from the floor.

“How could you be that careless?” He snapped at her immediately he turned her to him.

“What’s this dude saying?” Kimberly laughed In her drunken state and cupped his cheek.
“Soft. You look like that problem guy. Hmm, what’s his name? Jayden! Yes, he’s the one. Do you know he’s making my heart beat fast whenever I’m with him? Gosh! He’s so handsome but I can’t just admit it cause he’s kind of rude and arrogant.

I just wish we could kiss again. I love his lips. I’m beginning to love him the more. Awn! Kimberly is floating. She’s in love.” She stood up and moved back a little from Jayden then spread her arms and began to jump.

Jayden wouldn’t want to believe whatever she’s saying. It’s the alcohol talking and not the real her. He knows Kimberly can’t fall in love with him of all guys.

Kimberly’s face close to his, made him feel hot.
He wish he could just slam his lips……oh no! Is he wishing that all of a sudden?

He has nothing to do with her. They can just e friends. Yeah, just friends.

“We can kiss, you know.” Her soft voice jerk him.
She was smiling like a sexy and hot girl.

“Kimberly, I need to take you home. You can’t stay here. Your parents did be looking for you very soon.” He replied and led her out.

Michael’s case is a minor one. He can take care of himself.

“Wow! You finally found her. Where?” Stanley met them at the gate.
He and Amaya were actually leaving.

“I saw her with Michael.” Jayden stated, bitterly.
But seriously, there’s nothing to be bitter about.
It’s not like they had sex or something.
Their clothes were fully on.

Apart from that, he’d know if they had sex or not.

“Was Michael banging her or they were just talking?”

“No. They were sleeping in the room in their drunken state. Nothing happened between them.” Jayden answered.

“That’s a relief. Okay, it seems you’re taking her home. We are on our way home too.”

They bid themselves goodbye and left.

“The f*cking truth now is, I don’t know her house. All I know is that, she lives nearby.” Jayden sighed as he looked at the petite body in his hands.

He had no choice than to take her to his room and lay her down there before leaving the bedroom.
Maybe when she wake up, he’d explain and not get the wrong idea. He thought, walking to where Michael is sleeping.


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