Palace On Fire

Palace On Fire – Semi Finale Episode 30

Her Royal Majesty

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( her Royal majesty)

Nigeria setting

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 30 semi final.

Writer p.o.v

Am not surprised I knew Adeyemi isn’t my son since last two months. But my king how did you found out queen modupe Asked. The doctor told me, I love adeyemi so much that I can’t let him go the king said.

Ibironke the king called, your highness she replied with her head bow in shame. Why did you bring another man’s child,

I can’t say he is a bas***d cause he doesn’t behave like one to the palace and what makes you do those bad thing you did the king asked.

Your highness why are you asking her question she is nothing than an ingrate otun said. Otun relax you know she may have her reason, for example if you asked a criminal that kills his mother why he killed her,

if he explains he might not be at fault so let here from her mouth the king said. So ibironke why did you do those things the king asked. Your highness my father forced me to marry you with my pregnancy she said.

And your father forced you to kill him, he force you to kidnap my child, he force you to sleep with my guards he force you to do many bad things in this palace the king asked angrily.

Ibironke was scared by the tone the king use to asked her, she have never seen the king like that before. Your highness I did it because you don’t have my time ibironke said.

That’s a lie the king mother said. Modupe always Force the king to your room what did you wants her to do for you again the king mother asked.

Am sorry your highness please forgive me ibironke said. You know am not angry for your number one offence cause you made me have a son, yeah adeyemi is still my son no matter what the king said.

The only bas***d we have in this palace is your daughter she took after you the king said. Guard lock her in the prison till I found a suitable punishment for her the king said and adeyemi walked out. Adeyemi mobimpe ran after him.

As for you balogun I don’t want to see you near this palace again and thank you for coming to tell me the truth the king said.

And you kunle I don’t have any business with you when you are going make sure you go with your daughter the king said your highness I need to Asked ibironke one or two questions I want to know if adeyemi is my son Ayo said.

You’re free to go and asked her in the prison the king said and face the villagers. Did you people still wants Adeyemi as the crown prince or not the king asked the villagers.

Anything is want your highness. But prince adeyemi is a very good person, since he’s not your son if he still wants to be the crown prince he most marry the princess the people said.

alright we will look to that the king said and dismissed everyone.

No father don’t let him take me away please Adeola said crying. Adeola he is your father you have to go with him the king said.

But your highness modupe said. Mother don’t start let her go with her father I don’t want to hear anything from you the king said.

Father Please what did you want me to tell my friends that am not a princess father Please this is a disgrace Adeola said crying. It’s not a disgrace, you think it’s a disgrace Because you’re too pompous like your mother the king said.

Adeyemi where are you going to mobimpe said running after him, I want to clear my head go back to the palace before they start looking for you adeyemi said. How did you expect me to leave you hear mobimpe asked him, am sure you will hate me now,

me and my sister are busy enjoying the life that’s not ours, while my mother plan to kill you adeyemi said. It nothing thank God am not dead am alive mobimpe said.

You don’t understand my mother is a very bad person and am sure the villagers will hate me now adeyemi said.

That won’t hate you, you’re a very good prince adeyemi you don’t have to think that way. I love you and am sure everyone loves you too mobimpe said.

Did you just say you love me adeyemi asked to be sure. Oops mobimpe said when she realized what she just said. Yeah no need to lie I love you mobimpe said.

I love you too, but am not sure father will agree adeyemi said. What Matters now is me and you mobimpe said. Let go back to the palace don’t be a coward mobimpe said and drag him up.


Back to the palace.

Ibironke why don’t you told me you are pregnant for me Ayo asked. Am sorry I was planning to make it a surprise for you before father asked me to marry you the king ibironke said.

So Adeyemi is my son I have a child of my own and you didn’t tell you, you’re a wicked person and I won’t forgive you for this Ayo said and went out. Am very sorry ibironke said crying.

My son you’re back queen modupe said hugging adeyemi. Mother you didn’t hate me adeyemi asked. Why will I hate you I can never hate you queen modupe replied.

Am sorry mother adeyemi said crying. Father am sorry adeyemi said. You don’t have to be sorry my son it wasn’t your fault but your mother.

You really took after your father cause he’s a very good man. Your father is outside waiting for you come back fast with him so we can talk about your marriage the king said. Marriage Adeyemi asked.

Yes don’t you wants to get married to mobimpe again the king asked. Go don’t keep your father waiting the king said.


What punishment did you think is suitable for ibironke.

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  1. I would should be banish like Ladun but, her offenses are too many and she can't be hanged, she is just too evil

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