Palace On Fire

Palace On Fire – Episode 29

Her Royal Majesty

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( Her Royal majesty)

Nigeria setting

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 29.

Writer p.o.v

Balogun the king shouted, father ibironke shouted and fainted. Balogun struggle and come out from the crowd. Call the royal doctor queen modupe yelled.

Relax my queen no need to call the royal doctor she’s just too shocked. Cold water will do the work balogun said with a smirk.

What did you mean by cold water a whole queen the king said and queen modupe nod her head in support. Your highness am her father so I Know what she need right now balogun said.

Fine get me cold water the king tell one of his guards. They pour ibironke the water and she wake up instantly, I said it balogun said. Am I still alive ibironke asked.

Yes my dear queen her father replied with a smirk. So as I was saying I have a confession to make balogun said.

Father you dare not, you remember am your daughter you can’t expose me, cause if you do you will also be in trouble ibironke said. Balogun laugh did you just say daughter,

if you’re my daughter you won’t kill me for your information am not here alone balogun said. Ladun and kunle you people should come out balogun said am done for ibironke lament.

What’s the meaning of this did you people plan to spoil today for me, what’s going on here the queen asked.

Am sorry your highness am not here to spoil today, I have a confession to make I have been waiting for the perfect time to come out from my hideout balogun said.

But I thought you are died the king asked. Am not died though my daughter tried to kill me thanks to otun that comes in time to safe my life balogun said.


Otun came to inform balogun that the king wants to see them. But otun met him in the pool of his blood, balogun who did this to you own asked.

He is still breathing otun said and carry him to his house to treat him with some herbs. I don’t know who’s after him I need to tell people that he is dead otun said.

That’s it your highness I went into coma for 10 years before I came back to life. Really ibironke tried to kill you but why the king asked.

Your highness how will you believe my father, did I look like someone that can tried to kill someone ibironke said.

Enough balogun continue the king said. Before I continue my confession I will like ladun ibironke friend to tell you all the things she knew about her balogun said. Your highness don’t believe anything that comes out of there mouth, they are here to lie against me ibironke said.

And how did you know they came to lie against you the king asked. I don’t want to hear anything from you till they finish saying what they have to say the king said.

Am listening the king urge ladun to continue. Greetings your highness am ibironke friend she said. I Know go straight to the point the king said.

Is ibironke that asked the maid to put the missing treasure in queen modupe room and she also kill the maid ladun said. Ha the people shouted.

I told you they’re here to destroy and like against me ibironke said. Keep quiet, how did she know the village treasure is missing how did she knew the maid died because am sure she’s not from this village the king asked.

Is that all you have to say the king asked ladun yes your highness ladun said. Kunle come forward balogun said.

Kunle how come you are alive the king asked, I thought they said you’re died the king asked him. Your highness am not died I ran away so the queen won’t kill me he said kunle said.

Which of the queen the king asked. Second queen he said. Yeah the queen force me into sleeping with her you’re not the father of Adeola,

I am her father kunle said. What my guard ibironke the king said. That’s not all he hold my family captive she promised to release them if I help her killed the princess kunle said.

I don’t have a choice than to abduct her I knew where she’s all this while cause have been protecting her which she herself don’t know kunle said.

What did I do to you ibironke queen modupe stand up from her sit and grab her cloth. Modupe don’t stress yourself go and sit down the king said.

mother go and sit down am sure her doom is near adeyemi said. Ibironke was surprised to hear that from adeyemi.

And you balogun what did you have to say the king asked balogun. Adeyemi is not your son but her ex boyfriend son, I knew about it before I asked her to get married to you am sorry your highness balogun said.

What mother tell me is not true adeyemi get hold of her dress, adeyemi what are you doing I can’t breathe ibironke said, ibironke tell me is not true Ayo asked.

Am sorry ibironke said. I knew Am not surprised Ayo is not my son cause I knew since last month the king said.

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