Palace On Fire

Palace On Fire – Episode 17

Her Royal Majesty

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( Her Royal majesty)

Nigeria setting

By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)

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Episode 17.

Writer p.o.v

I don’t think this place is safe for me princess Adetoun said. Oh you mean you wants to leave prince Adeyemi asked smiling. Something like that, but I will missed queen modupe that woman is lovely she said.

Yeah she’s I want to see my friend down the village adeyemi said. Alright I need to inform my mum that am coming back princess Adetoun said.


Hello mum Adetoun said, how are you my princess hope you are enjoying that place she asked. Mom this place is not comfortable for me Adetoun said.

You’re joking right, you better sit down there until we choose your marriage day her mother said.

No mum adeyemi doesn’t love me and I don’t love him either we are just a friend she said.

Oh so you even know him before that’s nice you must not come back to this village she said and end the call. What’s wrong with mother did she wants to kill me, who’s calling me again Adetoun said picking the call.


Hello please I speaking with princess Adetoun the caller asked. Yes who am I speaking with princess Adetoun asked. Is omobimpe your new friend she said.

Oh omobimpe how are you she asked. Am fine and you she replied am fine. My mum said she wants to see you omobimpe said. Oh no problem I will meet you at the river side she said.


Mother are you the one that keep that thing in queen modupe room Adeola asked. Yes my daughter she replied.

Mum that’s bad did you want to implicate her. Hmm what has she done for you that’s too much mum Adeola said.

Did you kill the maid no o are you calling me a killer now ibironke asked. No mum am just asking she said I didn’t killed her but you now her love for money killed her.

I didn’t force her to do that for me she did it willingly ibironke said. Mother just make sure you don’t disturb queen modupe again Adeola said and went out.


My friend prince Adeyemi said as soon as he sight omobimpe. Oh you’re not our friend now omobimpe said.

What did you mean I thought I have paid for the form adeyemi said. But you haven’t filled the form omobimpe said. Oh bring it and let me fill he said.

Am just joking how are you omobimpe said am fine but were is our other friend he asked. Oh tosin she went to school omobimpe said.

Huh secondary School adeyemi asked. No ooooooo did she looks like a secondary School student omobimpe asked.

She’s doing part-time she will soon be back she said. Have you bought the sim card adeyemi asked. Yes why are you asking she asked.

Your number adeyemi said. Okay, you aren’t a good friend you don’t even asked me to sit down adeyemi said. Oh you wants me to tell you to sit down right.

You will stand till your legs pain you omobimpe said. Oh you’re wicked adeyemi said. No am not wicked how did you expect me to tell a grown up man like you to sit down she said and he laugh.

Ade Adetoyosi said and adeyemi signal her to shut up. Oh my friend you’re here omobimpe said hugging her, but did you two no each other omobimpe asked.

Yeah I met her yesterday on my way to this place adeyemi lied and Adetoun was confused. Shall we Adetoun asked omobimpe, sure my friend will you wait for us omobimpe asked prince adeyemi sure I will he replied.


Mother we are home omobimpe called. Oh my darling did you come back with your friend she asked.

yes mother omobimpe replied. Oh Adetoun my daughter how are you, how’s your father and your step mother omobimpe mum asked princess Adetoun.

But mum I didn’t tell you her name omobimpe asked feeling confused. You told me but you have forgotten omobimpe mother said.

But ma I don’t have a stepmom it my father the king and my mum Adetoun said. Oh am sorry my daughter, how are they she asked.

They’re fine come inside hope you don’t mind eating with us she asked. I don’t mind ma she replied. Are you sure you will be comfortable eating with us omobimpe asked.

Yes there’s no big deal there she replied. I wonder what happen to mother she has been behaving strangely since I told her about Adetoun,

she’s even asking of her stepmom. Mum as alot of explanation to do omobimpe thought.

Omobimpe am tired of that palace if you don’t mind I will like to spend sometime with you guys Adetoun said. Why don’t you go back to your home town omobimpe asked.

My mum don’t want me to come back until I marry the prince and that’s not possible princess Adetoun said. Oh you’re free but we will inform my mum first omobimpe said. Sure I think I like your mum she’s fun to be with.

Back to the river

Adeyemi since you come from the town am thinking if you can follow my friend to pack her luggages from the palace I can’t go with her cause I need to get firewood from the farm omobimpe said. Sure anything for you my friend he replied.

Adeyemi what’s the meaning of the thing you did there princess Adetoun asked. Hmm thank God you cooperate.

You know you’re my bestie I can’t lie for you. I really like that girl so I don’t want her I am from the royal family from now prince adeyemi said. Hmm someone is in love princess Adetoun tease. Love no o I just don’t want her to know am a prince he said.

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