Married To Mr Popular

Married To Mr Popular

Rude and Grumpy

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Married to Mr Popular


By Faith Lucky

“Sometimes life sucks, but then there would be a particular time of one’s life when life would suck the most. Well, for me it was when I learnt I would be getting married!
Tsk, don’t judge me! I’m just 19 and I have the right to throw tantrum, most especially because it’s him! and by the way, I have a boyfriend, that I love! Yea, well, I guess.”
That’s Bethel a 19 years old beauty with a very lonely life, she’s got a very busy single mom, a boyfriend that she thinks she loves and a very loving friend; Nicole.
Hell was let loose when her mother told her she would be getting married in one week to a famous son of a friend, for business growth of course.
Master Ryan is not only handsome, he has a good musical voice and he’s every girl’s dream man. Ryan is a successful musical artiste loved by everyone except Bethel.
Now that Ryan and Bethel have to get married quickly for their parents’ sake. What would be their decisions when they see one another? Would they get married? Oh and how would Bethel handle the demon that seem to reside in her husband-to-be?
Join Ryan and Bethel in their not so romantic adventure . Who knows, anything can happen!


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