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I Want A Home – Episode 122

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I Want A Home – Episode 122
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“She got away”

“What” !!

“Damn you, I said she got away” Joel repeated, and made a sound that reflects the pain from his groin. He could still see Vivian running afar in total fear.

“What do you mean she got away?” Derrick who was talking from the other end asked and stopped walking along Lord Margot. He took a look behind them and made a sharp glance at lord Margot but before Joel could respond from the other end as well, Steve ran out from the gate and navigated through the cars outside.

He’s expression was totally unexplainable as he met Joel and look back and forth almost at once. “She kicked me and ran away man, she’s headed that way” Steve wait no second to run towards the direction Joel pointed without looking at his face.



“Get that motherfuc..ker before he gets away” Mill shouted repeatedly at his men when the heavy gunshot continued. He took a sharp look around and grabbed a gun himself.

“I’ve had enough of this” he stood up at once and about three men stood with him while they fired at Lord Nathaniel and his men.



“You need to get out of there now, Steve is out already and I’m heading back” Joel gave his response and turned.

Lord Margot turned immediately she heard him, she headed straight back to their direction and hissed as Derrick hesitated for a moment but turned as well and followed after Lord Margot. He had just taken two steps forward when he saw the glimpse of some gunmen distance away and immediately gunshot followed. Lord Margot who had first seen the gunmen had quickly navigated backwards to take cover as Derrick fired.

He took cover as well immediately and they engaged in gun battle, Lord Margot began to shoot and the other men retaliated.



Steve ran as fast as he could to meet up with Vivian as she ran like a lady who had caught her suppose fiancé with another woman on bed, he kept on calling her name but she was too froze to hear him. She kept running speedily on her tiny barefooted legs without listening to her name not until Steve was able to meet up and grabbed her shoulder.

She froze totally and her heartbeat raised like an old lunatic Indian woman whose son thugs had beaten to death. She widened her eyes in inconsiderable fear and felt touched.

“It’s Steve! Calm down Viv, it’s me, it’s me Steve” Steve phrased repeatedly and dragged her into his arms as she breathe profusely. He held unto her hands then looked into her face as she finally realized it’s was him.

“I’m sorry, this is all my fault” He whispered to her as her breathing pace deduced gradually.

“Steve, it’s really you Steve” Viv managed to say from her panic state.

“Yes, it’s me Viv”



Joel was already heading back to their vehicle expecting Derrick and Lord Margot to be out of the compound already when he caught a glimpse of something strange afar. He stood at his position and turned fully to the direction.

The whole area and rest of the street was dark but there was still rays of light from the blazing moon up the sky, hence provided chances for Joel to have quickly noticed. About five fully armed vehicles halted silently some distance away from the building and one after the other each vehicle opened and armed officers began to step down.

He quickly stepped backwards at once to prevent been seen and hide behind the shadow of a palm tree about some distance to where they parked and turned his chip on.

“Guys, you need to head out of that building now, the Swat are here” he said into the chip but got no response.



Unfortunately for Lord Nathaniel, he was losing more men than he should and Mill had upper hand considering Lord Nathaniel men were outnumbered.

Mills attack was hostile and the man in the suit had lost all of his men already, he was left alone with Sunny who has seen himself already half dead and useless. Mill was now totally in charge and each of them had no chance than to take cover from the hostile unprepared war.

Some of Mills men had ran towards the gate already in pursuit of the runaway Viv and Steve but the unexpected happened.



The armed officers adhered to their given instructions and as the men were sighted at the gate of the building, they dropped down like flies.

About half of the officer’s took another direction immediately and the other officers move swiftly into the compound with Inspector Kelvin leading them.

“We got to move now, the cops are headed this way” Derrick shouted immediately they got a bullet into the shoulder and head of the gunman. Lord Margot marched forward instantly towards the exit of the building and Derrick followed, but before they could get out of the building, four officers surround them surprisingly.

“Drop your weapons, put your hands in the air” one of the officers shouted as they successfully surround Derrick and Lord Margot. The instruction was simple and either of them could act otherwise. Lord Margot gently dropped her gun and Derrick slowly dropped he’s 5 seconds later.

Two of the officers took the guns and the others signaled for them to move forward gently.

“We got two here” the officer who had told them to drop their weapons said into his communication radio.



The shooting got fiercer when the other officers and inspector Kelvin entered the compound, the man in the suit got a bullet on his chest and about two of Mills men dropped almost instantly the officers marched fiercely forward. In seconds, an helicopter flew above the compound and an announcement for all to dropped their weapons were made, with the aircraft anti-collision lights shown all over the building.

The announcement was repeated again and a rocket was fired towards the direction of the building as the other officers marched forward.

The explosion do not only caused great damage by killing a handful of Mill’s men but destroyed the two pillars at the front of the building.

“Drop your weapons, I repeat, drop your weapons” the loud announcement was made again as Lord Nathaniel, Khora, Mill and the other men who escaped the explosion all took cover.



“Where the hell are you guys, we need to move now” Joel shouted into his mouthpiece as he saw the flames of the rocket fired into the building, he was inside the vehicle already and he had ignite the vehicle but there was no response either from Derrick or lord Margot.

“Derrick, where the hell are you? Get out of the building now” He shouted again almost the same time about five police vehicle drove speedily across the road towards the building.

He was yet to get response again when he heard a knock at the rear window, he swiftly turned to shoot when he saw it was Steve. He opened the back lock immediately as he sighted Vivian behind him. The backdoor opened and Vivian got inside before Steve entered.

“What the hell is Derrick and Margot doing out there?” Joel alarmed and frowned as he cut a glimpse of Vivian through the rear mirror while Steve waited a seconds to look around the vicinity.

“Where are they?” Steve asked.

“I don’t know, they aren’t answering”

“Something must have happened, what direction do they take?”

“That direction” Joel pointed and made a sigh. He looked at Viv face again and then at Steve.

“I’ll go find them but you’ll need to move away from this vicinity, we’d find a way to escape safely once I get to them”

Steve said and opened the door, he didn’t give a response to Joel’s grunt and didn’t bother looking at Viv disapproval look. He got out from the vehicle and Joel drove.



The four officers were leading Derrick and Lord Margot slowly out of the building already, they were already about some distance away to the exit when the rain of gun fire from the helicopter vibrated the whole ground. Derrick looked at Lord Margot immediately and she understood his expression instantly, the vibration had created a distraction but it was though the officers were not as distracted fully. Derrick kicked the gun of the officer behind him away and grabbed him then swift him over, he collected the gun from him as the other two officer shoot but unfortunately into the belly of their fellow officer as Derrick used him as cover.


Lord Margot did the same as well but the officer who was behind her seemed stronger than her, she couldn’t grabbed the gun as Derrick had done but the bullet from the other officers pierced through him. The collision was fast as the officer’s shoots randomly.



As the shooting gets fierce, more armed police got into the compound to join the shooting and they engage with utmost force. The lights from the helicopter had caused more damage to lighten up dark areas of the compound and especially the bushy part, giving the cops upper hands.

Just as inspector Kelvin and agent Mary stands side by side to shoot and move with the officers, some part of the building was already on fire and the collapsed pillar had brought down some parts of the building.

“Drop your weapons” another announcement came down from the helicopter and shooting from it follows.

Lord Nathaniel let out a terrible scream as a stray bullet ran in between his fingers luckily. He took cover immediately and Khora who was behind him took cover as well.

“My Lord, we need to move now. I’ll join the men to guide you away” Khora shouted out admits the heavy fire as Lord Nathaniel nodded. He signaled to the rest of the men and they all came out of cover at once to shoot while Lord Nathaniel easily escaped luckily through some of the destroyed part of the building to get inside.

Though, he luckily escaped simultaneously because the approaching officers were made to take cover as well when both Nathaniel and Michael men shoots, fortunately both parties trying to save their Boss. It happened so fast, the minister, the man in the blue suit, Nathaniel and Michael all luckily ran inside the building with the reflects of the flames but the rest of Nathaniel men all died, khora got a bullet into his belly but he was still breathing, he fell over his cover as the gun dropped from him. Five of Michael men died on the spot but the others escaped successfully into the building, each all finding their ways of escape.

To be continued….







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  1. Hmm….. You remember that you have not completed this story today…😀😀?

    Am shaa reading although I don't understand everything that happen 😀😀

  2. hmm.. Mr. Ireti, has finally remembered his unfinished projects after many month have gone by.
    Hope everything is ok with you.
    Thanks for the update but can you please tell me when to return for the next update?😄😄😄

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