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Together you and me for all eternity,
We had agreed,
When the sun shone high in the sky,
As we sat under a big tree,
Enjoying the shed while we bathed in the love of our pure hearts.

The future laid plain before us,
The road map drawn,
And children’s names decided,
She will be that and he will be this,
A happy family we shall be.

You looked me in the eyes,
And confessed your love for me,
Promising me a future
And I sat there believing for I had thought the feeling were real.

Behind your show was hidden
A different world,
One in which I never existed.
Behind your words lies were sealed,
I never imagined you could joke with love,
How do you open your mouth
And tell me words you don’t mean without being ashamed?
I guess idiots like you takes the feeling a trivial matter.

I learned the hard way,
And whenever one is telling me about love,
I ask myself, ‘ isn’t these lies too?’
And then my heart is closed.

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Copyright © Danny Hakalima 2021


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