Palace On Fire – Prologue

Her Royal Majesty


( Her Royal majesty)

By three star ( Aishat kemisola)


Have you found my child the queen asked smiling one caould tell she’s not happy. Am sorry my love but we will soon find her but you have to eat you just gave birth and staying hungry will not help the king Said.

There’s a burning sensation in the palace since they stole the king daughter. That’s not his only child but is the only child of his lovely wife they forced him to marry another wife wife is the second queen.

cause his wife didn’t give birth since 10years of there marriage. Let stop here and talk about our prince charming.

Prince Adeyemi a lovely and kind prince he came back from the state to get a wife.

What happens when his mother wants him to marry Royal but he’s in love with the farmer daughter he met on his way to the river. Adeyemi is the son of the second queen.

Let talk about our beautiful maiden. Omobimpe every man choice including the prince what happens when she found out the life she’s living is not hers.

Who stole the princess

And will they ever found the lost princess

Let’s stop here.


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