Jerk Husband Rude Wife

Jerk Husband Rude Wife – Episode 2

His heartthrob her heartbeat

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Written by: Pamela James


I finished my breakfast quickly and ran towards the washroom to shower again.

It was already 2:30 and I had to get ready.

I took the best outfit from my cupboard to wear.

Well all the outfits in my cupboard are more than beautiful and were all branded collection.

I smiled proudly and took a white sleeveless crop top with jeans.

After slipping into my dress I started applying makeup.

Makeup has always been my therapy.

Whenever I am happy I do makeup.

Whenever I am sad I do makeup.

I just love makeup!!

After getting done with my makeup I started curling my hair.

I looked at my reflection in mirror and an evil smile crept on my lips.

No girl in the world can beat Ivy Miguel in looks and beauty.

I smiled and took my handbag and headed towards my car.

Nathan is no doubt a handsome guy.

All the girls in my college once drooled over Nathan when he used to come to college to meet me.

I met Nathan in a business party for the first time. No one in my house knows about Nathan.

All they all knew was that I was involved with a rich heartthrob and I guess that was enough for my parents because they never asked me his name.

I myself didn’t even tell anyone that I love Nathan because I know my dad won’t allow me to continue my relation with him because he was dad’s rival bussinessman’s son.

Now I was free from collage and preparing for my entry test in Harvard university.

My trance of thoughts broke down when I saw a big board of restaurant with the words.

“Frederick Restaurant”.

I parked my car in the parking lot and headed inside.

I smiled as soon as my eyes landed on Nathan.

He waved  his hand to me and I ran towards him.

“Hello baby” He said  kissing my cheek as soon as I approached him.

“Hi sweetheart” I kissed his cheek back.

We talked for sometime and took numerous pictures.

Some in which he was kissing my cheek or holding my hands.

They always acted as a cute memory for me.

We were having our food when Nathan’s phone rang.

A strange shade of colour passed by his face.

He first looked at his phone and then at me.

“Who is calling?”

“Nah.. no one. Just enjoy your food.” He said and I digged into my food .

I was right Fredrick’s have best food in the world.

I was enjoying my food when his phone rang again and this time even after he disconnected the call, it rang again and again the one calling him didn’t stop.

“Nathan who the hell is this? Just take the damn call” I shouted getting annoyed.

“I am sorry baby! I will just come in 5 minutes” He said and went out to take the call.

Its been fifteen minutes but Nathan hasn’t return yet.

I was already sulking in anger when I heard a voice behind me.

I turned around only to bump into a waiter.

He was carrying drinks which spilt on my dress.

“What the hell? Are you blind? ”

“I’m sorr…”

“Damn your sorry! Can sorry fix this dress? Do you know how much the dress worth? Oh, you wouldn’t know, you are just a poor waiter. ” I roared in anger.


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