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Instagram slvt – Episode 27

The badass orphan and the playboy

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( The baddas orphan and the Playboy)


By Three star


Rated 18+


Episode 27



Natasha p.o.v


The birthday party was awesome. I haven’t celebrate my birthday like this before this is the best birthday ever. Kim left early giving the excuse that she wants to check on Jayden.


That girl is madly in love. I never knew she’s in love with him. If I heard know I won’t have date him cause I don’t love him. I pray he wakes up soon for Kim.


Babe thanks for today I said you are welcome but that’s not enough you most pay me back with what I asked him.


Don’t pretend as if you don’t know you know what am talking about he said grinning. I don’t know can you kindly explain I said.


Ok what about we makes babies he said with a mischievous smile. What if I show you he said moving closer to me. He caption my lips with his and the rest of the night is awesome.


The next day


I wake up feeling excited. I turned to the other side of the bed and saw the book dad gave me. I open the book

Dear Natasha by the time you are reading this am sure I will be dead.


Your uncle killed us because of my properties. Your father family thought he is the owner of those properties.But I owned everything which none of his family members knws about they thought he is the owner.


But my worst problem is your uncle I have established him many times but he always come back for more. So I refuse to give him money again. So his family members said am the one controlling him that’s why he killed his brother.


I dropped you with my brother and gave him this book before he comes for me. all our properties is with him. But we willed it for you am sure he will come for you soon.


But make me happy by collecting all the properties from him.

I didn’t know I was crying till Jason tap me babe what sup with you he asked and I gave him the book to read.


Unknown p.o.v


You guys should check her friend parents background. If we can’t get her we will used her friend am sure you guys what to know who I am am Jeremy Natasha uncle.


Yeah my brother is a fool she always hear anything his wife told him. Can you imagine they wants me to work when my brother is stinky rich.


I killed him and his foolish wife when they refused to give me what I want. Though Natasha didn’t know me but I have the feeling Natasha will come for the


properties soon because the lawyer gave them to me because Natasha is not around now that she’s alive he will take it from me am sure our family will support him.

that so I have to kill her before they know. Sir we have found it. She’s Kim Jeremy 23years old daughter of late Mrs Emily. What!! It can’t be what am thinking.


Is like this idiot knows Kim.

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